Used Panty Selling AdviceWhat is the Used Panty Wiki?

Very simply, Panty Wiki is people helping people. Selling and buying used and worn panties on the internet has become very popular worldwide. With the right tools and knowledge, anyone can find it to be a pleasant and profitable hobby or even full-time career. Like most worthwhile undertakings, the problem has always been being able to find the information needed to get started and maintain your success and enjoyment. Panty Wiki solves this problem by providing a friendly and easy to use service that empowers you to get the information you require. PantyWiki.com is the internet’s used panty selling advice and used panty buying advice question and answer website. Any adult over 18 years old with a question about used panties can ask a question, and/or post an answer to a question. There are no “dumb” questions;  if it is a question for you, Panty Wiki members are happy to help you out. There are no wrong answers; if you have an idea about a posed question, post it. Everybody has something to add and the person asking the question will appreciate receiving your answer along with others so that they can make an informed decision on what works for them.

Panty Wiki is Crowd-Sourced.

Why is Crowd-Sourced a big deal? There are other websites or individuals on the internet who may offer some sort of advice about buying and selling used panties. However, anytime you are considering advice, it is critical to consider the source. An individual’s advice is simply an opinion, regardless of whether it is intentional or not, an individual’s advice will, at best, be biased and, at worse, be a veiled steering attempt to influence you into taking action that profits them. For example, if you ask the question “Who has the best used panties?” to a panties seller, it would be surprising if they didn’t respond with “I am”. A Used Panty Selling Advice site associated with and run by a used panty seller or a company that profits from used panties presents an even more problematic situation than advice from an individual. In this situation, you’ll find the advice geared toward steering you to their own used panty sales or to used panties sites that they either own outright or profit from by referring people to.

At Panty Wiki, we have nothing to sell and thus are impartial. What’s more, Panty Wiki’s crowd-sourced format eliminates the bias and using answers to subtly steer you to action that is good for the answerer, but not necessarily for you.  Here, when a person asks questions, they get many answers from different people (the “crowd”). The person asking the question can then consider all of the answers and see which make the most sense for them, and which other people agree with. Sure, you might occasionally get a person posting an answer that is more helpful to answerer than the asker, but with the ability to rate answers and provide answers, the community “self-polices” to weed out problematic answers. For example, if you ask what the best place is to host your used panty photos and the owner of “Photo host place A” answers that his site is the best, the asker of the question can quickly see by other response and ratings whether, based upon their experiences,  others agree that “Photo host A” is best or not.