2nd time mum…starting to panic!?

I am 32 weeks pregnant with my second baby and until this week I have felt fine…I have been getting very strong braxton hicks and have been told to prepare that my baby might be a little early as the braxton hicks appear to be softening my cervix or something. (has anyone else had this…iv never heard of it before!?) anyway, i decided last night that it was time to get the crib up and pack my hospital bag so that I am prepared for when the time finaly comes…and well…i dont know what I need to take to the hospital, I remember feeling so prepared when I had my first daughter and this time…I haven’t got a clue what I need to take. What do I NEED in my bag? Do the hospital have formula milk or do I have to take my own? (I dont want to breast feed after a bad experience first time). What do I need for when I come home? Im feeling clueless…iv gotton used to being a mummy now…but im used to my 2 year old, im finding it hard to remember everything I need to know for a newborn. Is this normal? did any other 2nd time mums forget what you do with a newborn? Will it all come back to me? if so when? Im worried, my best friend had her first baby on sunday and she seemed to calm and prepared and has taken to motherhood so well…..I seem like a bumbling child next to her, I thought I would remember what it was like and I just dont!



  1. miniMe
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    Every pregnancy is different, so don't worry. It's perfectly normal to get braxton hicks in the last trimester. It does not mean your baby will be early or anytime soon! You have a 2 year old, so don't worry - you've done it before and it will come back to you! The hospitals have formula, don't worry about that. It's in ready made bottles so you don't need to bring anything for feeding. Here's what you NEED for hospital: Toilet roll (after a vaginal birth you don't want to use cheap hospital stuff!) Nappies (not all hospitals give free ones) Cotton wool Blanket Hat Scratch mittens 3 Babygrows (you can always get someone to bring more in if you need to) Going home outfit for baby (bring a jacket for him/her as newborns can't regulate their own temp so might need it) Teddy Camera Any medications Drinks / food / snacks Magazines Nappy bags Maternity towels A few breast pads (for leakage incase) Knickers (comfy ones for after birth) Birthing nighty plus 2 spares Clothes for going home in And for home: Moses basket, cot or crib for baby to sleep in 2 cellular blankets 2 sheets Nappies Steriliser Bottles (8 is the ideal number!) Formula Bottle brush Bottle warmer (choice, I use the microwave personally) Bibs 7 babygrows, 7 vests Baby bath Baby wipes Cotton wool Cotton buds (handy for removing mucus from nose) Nappies Nappy bags Good luck! And remember you can always ask someone to bring anything else you need / forget! xx
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    Braxton Hicks contractions are practice contractions that usually thin out your cervix and get things ready for the birth of your child so that is completely normal.
    I’m not entirely sure what to bring to the hospital either, I have looked it up a few times.
    What I can remember is:
    An outfit for you to go home in
    Baby take home outfit
    Toothbrush and toothpaste
    Receiving blanket (if you want)
    Carseat (IMPORTANT)
    Lotion or oil (if you want a back massage)

    *really anything that will make you more comfortable.

    I don’t think the hospital provides any formula so if that is the route you want to take with the baby you should bring your own just in case (you can also ask them).

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    Am gonna give it a try and see if I can get the list about right. Have had 3 myself so I should know by now but same as you, you get used to the one you have got and some things getting forgotten lol.

    Nightie etc something to wear whilst giving birth
    Anything you want like oils or lotions, things you want for relaxation etc
    Newborn nappies
    Cotton wool or wipes
    A couple of sleepsuits and vests for baby
    Formula milk – I took the ready made cartons for mine as it’s quick and easy to prepare
    Pre sterilised bottles – you can buy them in packs of 4
    Dressing gown and slippers
    Few pairs of pants and other underwear
    Clothes to go home in
    Couple of packs of the big sanitary pads
    Camera and spare batteries
    Money or your phone
    I always take some nice snacks aswell as I am really hungry after and want some comfort food!

    Thats all I can think of at the moment.

    Don’t worry about the not knowing about a newborn again, I can assure you it will all come flooding back and it will come narurally. I don’t know how but it really does and it seems much easier the second time round as you do start remebering more things as you start going through them again and it will help.

    You will do great and will be wondering why you were so worried once baby is in your arms.

    Good luck 🙂

    Hope it helps

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