Are men wearing panties?

I bought underware for myself.When my wife saw it she said that they were for women not men. I was surprised but the funny thing is that when I used them I started thinking that they were panties.I was really for me the biggest turn on I ever have in 20 years of marriage.Now I get the idea of why not tu wear panties all the time/



  1. scantilyclad
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    if you go to there is a poll on there asking men if they wear or have worn panties, to my total surprise 75% said yes. Also do a search on hubpages for men who wear panties and you will see lots of men wear them, i find them more comfortable and better fitting than mens undies and have about 130 pairs and i wear them 24/7, lets face it they are only fabric it is society that labels stuff " mens" or " womens"
  2. cc
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    Yes some men do wear women’s panties! If that is something for you, give it a try! Enjoy!

  3. Marta Lulu Bling
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    Do they match yo lipstick ?

  4. Nathan
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    I’ve been known to wear panties. They’re all soft and silky.

  5. Herecomesthesun
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    I don’t think so I wouldn’t like that

  6. Pamela
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    i’m a guy that enjoys wearing women’s clothes, not just panties. It’s really not that uncommon. If you want to wear them, do it. They’re panties so it’s not like everyone’s going to see them.

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