Best panties to cover my tush?

Looking for the perfect underwear to cover my cheeks. I’m not overweight and a larger size of what I have won’t help… it’s the cut. Don’t want any granny panties, and no thongs. I used to wear Victorias Secret briefs but they changed the cut a bit. Low cut is good,… just as long as it can cover the cheeks. I could spend a fortune trying out the hipsters and the boyshorts, etc. Any ideas?

Guys… unless you wear girls underwear please hold your thoughts!
Thank you for sharing JJ! But I don’t want cheeky, I want anti-cheeky…lol!



  1. JJ
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    Well, I'm a guy, and actually I DO wear panties. I just find them (and lots of other women's clothes actually) much more comfortable. There are so many more styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from. Anyway, getting to your question... I think that the first thing you should try is a bikini cut. Theres some material to cover the cheeks, but just enough, and not too much anywhere else. Also, if you like VS, try their "cheeky" panties. The name is kinda self explanitory. My fav's are the Jockey's that have the "Invisible pantyline," as well as Ambrielle, which can be found at JC Penney. They have some cheaper ones, but the nicer ones are a really soft material, and a great "cheeky" cut. Good luck!

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