Bra and Panties vs Bikinis? Any Real Differences?

Yes there are. Not so much on bra, but with panties and bikinis, cameltoe and butt crack are much more visible with wet panties. Bikinis are a bit thicker than panties. No decent man would like to see the cameltoe of an ugly, obese lady… Let alone, an ugly, obese lady in bikini… *cringes, poker face thinking about it.*

I would like to get your opinion about this serious matter… It’s like debating with someone who agrees with you.



  1. bekaa
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    well yes and no... YES- one are made for swimming thiner ( bras and panties are) dont reall get bikini thongs do you? NO- both for one area of body everyone wears bras and panties you wouldnt randomly go onto a beach in your under wear?!?!
  2. Jordan B
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    This isn’t a discussion board. This isn’t a question… Take this elsewhere….

  3. ♠ Merlin ♠
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    “It’s like debating with someone who agrees with you”

    debating is opposing sides
    not someone agreeing with you

    bikinis are made of material not suitable for long term wear as underwear
    we need cotton fabrics to allow our skin to breathe
    and the bra parts are never constructed to give as much support as a good bra

    this is why there is underwear, and beachwear
    they are not interchangeable

  4. Skoda John
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    Usually the material they are made of.
    Panties are usually cotton or lace, Bras again are a material that is better to wear all day but not so good wet.
    Bikini’s are designed be not be see through and to be worn wet.

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