Can I go swimming in PE with a yeast infection ?

Will it irritate my vagina more? Also how long does it last and since I have a swimming unit can I get out of it?



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    It wont irritate it and it can't be passed to other swimmers. Make sure you use a separate towel when done to dry your vaginal area thoroughly. Towels can spread yeast to other parts of your body. Hanging around in a wet bathing suit can stimulate the growth of yeast, exacerbating your infection. Avoid putting another suit on, if possible, because yeast thrives in synthetic fabrics. A loose-fitting dress and cotton panties helps keep your vaginal area dry and inhibit the yeast infection. There are plenty of over the counter remedies and Target sells them cheap. You can buy Monistat 1 day which is just a waxy pill you insert that dissolves and clears up the infection over the course of days. Always read the instructions. Other options are drinking milk fortified with acidophilus bifidus which is sold in most grocery stores. It's a probiotic that works by having good bacteria kill bad bacteria (yeast). Plain yogurt with live active cultures and little to no sugar will also help if eaten. Same reason. Yeast thrives on sugar so avoid the yogurt with sugar and fruit. With any of those treatments you can expect to see and feel an improvement in 48 hours.
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    Yes. It poses no risk to anyone else and the water should not aggrevate it.

    more general info on link below

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