Can someone list the words British people say?

I need a list of words that English/British people use, different to American people, for example,
Lift -> Elevator
Biscuit ->Cookie

Thank you, sorry if this isn’t quite understandable 🙂



  1. Deaf ASL Geek
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    You want quintessentially British terms. There are scads. (There are so many possibilities in Cockney Rhyming Slang that they are innumerable.) Many belong to distinct regions and echelons; be careful. ale-- beer ace-- cool! all sixes and sevens-- a mess as well-- too aluminIum-- extra "I" all in-- depleted bloke-- guy brilliant, brill-- fantastic biscuit barrel-- cookie jar (cor) blimey!-- exclamation bum-- butt bang on-- exact bum bag-- fanny pack bobby-- cop bezzy-- best (bezzy mate) bit-- part (the tricky bit) bits-- goods (I lost me bits) bits and baubs-- various things bubbles and squeak-- cabbage and potatoes bangers and mash-- sausage with potatoes butchers-- look at barrister-- attorney brolly-- umbrella balmy-- insane barmy-- imprudent boot-- car trunk bonnet-- car hood boot sale-- garage sale beaker-- mug, cup Boxing Day-- 26 December bob's your uncle-- that's all there is to it best of British-- good luck brassed off-- annoyed and bored bumbaclot-- ne'er-do-well bodge-- botch chap-- guy cheerio, cheers-- salutation chips-- steak fries crisps-- potato chips cuppa-- cup of tea crumpet-- tea cake codger-- old man chav-- lowbrow trying to be highbrow cracking-- very (cracking good time) codswallop-- malarkey cheeky-- impertinent collect-- pick-up come (or drop or pop) 'round-- visit the colonies-- USA crèche-- daycare chat up-- sweet talk crack on-- keep going, hurry up clear off-- get lost! collywobbles-- nervous stomach call box-- phone booth cot-- bassinet chemist-- pharmacist chockablock, chockers-- chock full, jammed cinema-- movies checkout queue-- checkout line cooker-- stovetop chuffed (as nuts)-- delighted crikey!-- exclamation chivvy-- persuade to hurry CV (curriculum vitae)-- résumé dodgy-- shady dear-- expensive dust bin-- garbage can day tripper-- tourist draughts-- checkers dicky-- sickly daft-- silly divvy-- stupid diddle-- swindle doddle-- easy a do-- a party euro-- currency easy peasy-- easy engaged tone-- busy signal fab-- fabulous fizzy drink-- soda fringe-- bangs faffing (about)-- goofing off fortnight-- 14 days fancy-- fond of flat-- apartment football-- soccer fish and chips-- fried fish and steak fries f a g-- cigarette faerie cake-- cupcake faerie stories-- nursery rhymes flagstaff-- flagpole fit-- attractive (she's a fit bird) sacked-- fired get on-- get along, succeed garden-- yard gutted-- disappointed gobsmacked-- stunned gen up-- bone up on a topic (intelligence) give us a bell-- call me grub-- food gum-- glue higgledy-piggledy-- chaos hundreds-and-thousands-- sprinkles homely-- homey, cosy happy Christmas *-- merry Christmas horses for courses-- to each his own holiday-- vacation hide-- leather have a go at-- take a turn hole-in-the-wall-- ATM having a bit of a...-- tidy up, clear out, knee up, etc. I (should) say (not)-- exasperation indeed-- I agree ickle-- smidgen ice lolly-- popsicle jock-- Scottish man jersey-- sweat shirt jumper-- sweater jam-- jelly jelly-- jell-o, gelatin jolly-- very (you know jolly well!) kip-- a nap keen (on)-- loves knickers-- underpants knock off-- steal knock up-- awaken by knocking loo-- bathroom lolly-- money lounge-- family room lorry-- truck lad-- guy lovely-- good lodger-- tenant lay-by-- rest stop love (luv)-- like we use babe mum-- Mom (phonetic of ma'am [madam]) mate-- friend muck about-- fool around masses-- lots mad-- crazy mad for-- keen me-- instead of my (me dog) mockney-- fake London slang mac-- raincoat (Mackintosh) monkey nuts-- peanuts nipperkin-- 1/8 pint of ale noughts and crosses-- tic tac toe nipper-- youngster nappy-- diaper (napkin) not my cup of tea-- dislike one off-- one-of-a-kind petrol-- gasoline pants-- underwear pop-- put pass out-- graduate porridge-- oatmeal proper-- very (he is proper angry) posh-- luxurious, lavish porkies-- lies post-- mail p and p-- shipping and handling (pack and post) postie-- mailman pinch-- steal pram-- baby carriage (perambulator) peckish-- hungry pub-- bar (public house) pissed-- drunk a pint-- stein of beer a "P", a quid-- one pound sterling, £ quite!-- agreed readies-- cash on hand ring up-- to phone rather!-- that's for sure rubbish-- garbage, nonsense run-- a drive rubber-- eraser restroom-- breakroom right-- like we say "so..." right-- very (she is right clever) skip-- dumpster straightaway-- immediately snookers-- pool, billiards spot on-- exact steady-- beware sort out-- figure out, resolve smart-- chic scrummy-- scrumptious scouse-- one from Liverpool (from lobscouse [stew]) shufti-- people watching smarmy git-- a creep squidgy-- squishy smashing-- fabulous solicitor-- attorney semi-- duplex shoppes-- stores sweets shoppe-- candy store shoppe gazing-- window shopping trousers-- pants torch-- flashlight telly-- TV
  2. Bosnianguy
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    Fag = cigarette

  3. Louie the linguist
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    I’ve seen a few such lists on wikipedia. Why not bother to look, luv?

  4. Renchiyoun Hauniyu
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    haha i luv brit words<3






  5. Angie
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    English/British? Do you even know the difference?

  6. Artemis
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    Diapers = nappies
    Vest = waistcoat
    Pants = trousers
    Purse = bag
    Gonna = going to
    Wanna = want to
    Kinda = kind of
    Pin = brooch
    Chips = crisps
    French fries = chips
    Trailer = caravan
    Erasure = rubber
    Rubber = condom
    Suspenders = braces

    Why so many thumbs down? Arseholes = Assholes.

  7. JH ♥ ASL *MJ* ImL*
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    I don’t think that I can add to the extensive list that Deaf ASL Geek has provided but I can add: Bless (almost like how sweet! or something along those lines-or perhaps a shortened version of “Bless your heart!”

    Again, I think Deaf ASL Geek gave you tons of words and should suffice.

    I thought of “flash” which has the meaning of “cool!”

    I will tell you I pick these words up from TV shows by the way haha, so I’m sure they say these things in real life too ;

  8. Joe
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    Yes their is a very comprehensive list I believe it is called a dictionary.

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