Can you sell sperm on eBay?

I know people have tried to sell dirty panties and been kicked off, so I am not sure if this is the same. If it’s against their policy. what about selling vouchers for purchasing sperm. It would be pretty much the same, there would just be an extra step involved.



  1. Smilin'_Bob_The_Enzyte®_Guy
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    No you cannot... You SHOULD have been able to sell the undergarments, but you MUST list it as an " adult" item. Age verification has to be provided for viewing the auction. That said, selling soiled clothing is in rather poor taste and I have an itchy feeling (no pun intended) the description was quite graphic along with not being listed as ADULT. As for human sperm, NO, you CANNOT sell it, nor can you sell human bodily fluids, scat,urine, organs or bones. You cannot even sell vouchers for it either...Sorry....
  2. knowitall
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    You would need to deliver it in person if you do sell it.

  3. Lola
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    Thats not even possible. The human sperm cannot survive unless its frozen.

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