Do most women wear panties or go without panties?

Is it the same whether wearing pants or a skirt?
On what factors does one base the decision to go without panties?



  1. Sexy Mama
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    I go pantiless all the time. I live in florida and it gets hot . Panties to me are uncomfortable. I only wear thongs in the bedroom!!
  2. ROAR
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    Wttf who doesnt wear pants!?! Mann thats just weird

  3. longviewcyclistlady
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    I usually wear pants, and usually no underwear, unless I’m menstruating. (I wear underwear then because I use the pads instead of tampons. Healthier option.)

    I usually don’t wear underwear because sometimes it will get stuck in my behind. Who wants to see a grown woman pulling underwear out of her behind. Eeeewwwww.

  4. bandgeek
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    they go camando cuz they think its sexy
    personally, i wear them
    it depends on the length of the skirt

  5. Boo
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    If your going clubbing the factors are pretty muc no but if your going to church or something more conservative I would say yes. It is kind of common sense for most occasions.

  6. princess
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    its nt e same feelin as wearin a pants or skirts.. e feelin is lyk wearin a briefs and e difference?

    airy n tight

    weird question..if i dun ans e way u wan it to be then i only gt one thing to say is tt i might not reli understand ur question.

    oh btw, i dun wear it mostly wen goin to sleep so basically same lyk wearin a boxers(for guys)

  7. Ali
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    I am always panty-less, unless I am wearing a skirt. You just need to wash your pants everyday for hygiene. I don’t think I could wear underwear under my pants anymore, it has grown to be very uncomfortable.

    It is funny though because when my boyfriend sees me with underwear on he thinks it’s so sexy!

  8. ajay k
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    they do wear panties

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