Do you prefer thongs, granny panties or go without ’em?

lol this is random I’m bored but what do u prefer wearing
I wear thongs during the day, sleep in granny panties, and sometimes go without 🙂


  1. stephenl1950
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    I prefer granny panties on my girls.
  2. deaddolly
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    grannies are more comfy!!!

  3. Yellow Girl
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    Bikini cut. Thongs aren’t comfortable to me.

  4. cheesecratoes
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    hell no!

  5. Yuvana
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    1st one lol

  6. Helene
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    Thongs when I’m not home and nothing when I am home

  7. Shrunken Fro™ Aww sh*t now!
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    Granny panties. I go for comfort.

  8. Bian Le
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    without them its way comfier and its fun to mess with a guys head

  9. Miixx_Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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    Thongs during night. None during the day, ♥

  10. everybody's got one
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    I’m wearing some grannie panties on my head. I’m bored, too…

  11. righty
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    and your phone number is?

  12. вelιeverѕ never dιe
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    granny panties

    I hate thongs, and I feel uncomfortable without underwear.

  13. Amanda K.
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    bikini cut

  14. SofaKingSexy
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    I also wear thongs during the day. I sleep in either boy shorts or without if my man is working late, that way when he gets home and in bed it’s easy access if he wants to wake me up. 😉

  15. mcttfck
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    I sleep without, but I’m more of a cheekies kind of girl.

  16. Sammy A
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    Nothing. It is a lot sexier and your husband/boyfriend will appreciate it!

  17. ♥Eva♥
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    I like regular underwear…not granny panties and not a thong either. And I never go without underwear, otherwise I would be acting like you and Lindsay Lohan (fire-crotch).

  18. raynestar3
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    I like to mix it up too, I wear all of the above lol.

  19. ♥Emily♥
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    i hate thongs.
    they feel so uncomfortable.

    granny panties?
    lol just for sleeping in and when its “the time of the month”

    i like french nickers or girl boxers the best (:

  20. Nataliaaa ♥
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    thongsss or without :)))
    unless im on my period, then panties

  21. Fleur De Saison.
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    Thongs or nothing. Depends on the day.

  22. Sexy Mama of 2 cuties
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    i usually go without as it’s too hot to wear undies in florida! I save my thongs when i wear skirts or in the bedroom to be naughty

  23. yahoo answers
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    shorts are better

  24. Sonya
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    Thongs during the day
    Nothing at night

  25. Mdme. Mango Keeps it real
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    None of your choices. I prefer low-rise boy briefs

  26. Gilly Bs back
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    I’d rather go without if i had to choose either of those !!

  27. Gracie Lou Freebush
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    Thongs when I go out. Bikini’s and boy shorts at home and for bed. They are more comfy.

  28. Jack
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    prefer ladys in thong but after seeing your avatar you would look good in anything. [your georgeous]

  29. grrl
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    Low rise bikinis

  30. Kay Bay Bay.
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    i dont get the grannies haha.
    i get like boy shorts or bikini panties haha.
    whatever i feel like.
    and i wear thongs when im feeling sexy.

  31. Gosh Mosh x3
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    i prefer hipsters…^^

  32. Rawr <3
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    granny panties are the sexiest

  33. kelleygaither2000
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    if i’m trying to be sexy for my life partner, thongs! otherwise, it’s commando!

  34. SnC(:
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    I never really wear undies.

  35. Y
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    grannies, well right now i do cuz they are no hassle and comfy and its that time of the month

  36. Sally
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    hate thongs, left the granny pants recently and am wearing nice underwear…and i go without sometimes on so i don’t get a panty line…

  37. i<3tybaby..
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    i do that to usually wear like boyshorts or thongs during the day then sometimes when i wanna be really comforable i wear like hanes my friends tell there granny panties.

  38. [double]full spirit_<3
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    bikini cut and boy short cut. no thongs or granny panties for me.

  39. gymnastics5cutie
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    I sleep with no underwear
    and I mostly go out with no underwear
    but sometimes hipsters or a thong

  40. Snacky
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    Volunteer for a wedgie while on the job? H*ll no!
    Grannies at work.
    Wedgies for leisure.

  41. Jessica
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    I don’t like thongs, it makes no since because you are just shoving a string up your butt and basically “wiping” your butt all day with your underwear (eww thongs = gross)!! I really like either girl boxers or boy shorts, and some bikini cut underwear.

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