Do you wear a garter belt on the inside or outside of the panties?

I’ve heard conflicting stories about this. Mine don’t like to stay up very well OVER the panties and are constantly falling down. But putting the panties on top of the garter belt makes it look less sexy. Anyone know?



  1. Momo
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    They probably don't fit you properly because garter belts go on top of the undies. Look at some pin-up photos :)
  2. Queen Queso
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    I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to wear the panties underneath. Maybe you could try a smaller garter belt.

  3. sandyblondegirl
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    If your garter belt keeps slipping down, you may have adjusted the garters too tight, or you may need to find longer, tall sized stockings. Check the elastic of the belt portion too. If it is wearing out the garter belt will not stay up as well. You may be able to replace it, with a little hand sewing. Otherwise it may be time to go shopping for a new garter belt.

    As for over or under, it’s a matter of personal preference, as well as practicality. If you wear the garter belt over your panties, can you slide your panties down far enough when visiting the little girl’s room? It can be a real bother having to undo/redo your garters every time nature calls.

    I’m an ‘over’ girl myself. As you said, it looks sexier that way. The stockings from Victoria’s Secret come up high enough, even on my long legs, that I’ve never had a problem with them.

  4. Katie Curtsy
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    I’m an under girl. Over is more convient in the bathroom, but it also seems more slutty, because the access is so easy. It’s all personal preference. I’ll have to try “over” sometime.

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