Does peppermint oil keep mice away? What is your experience?



  1. CallaLilly
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    This type of smell works best in the pantry to keep out bugs that get into food items, like flour, cereal, and such. Also in or near seed for feeding birds. I'm not sure about mice. But I do know what rats and mice can't stand if they are getting into garages, horse feed and other areas we don't want them! Chlorine that is used for pools. If children and pets don't live where the mice problem is, put the dry podwer into a washed used mustard bottle with a spout using a disposable spoon, not pouring it, and this should be done outdoors in open air. Then place a line on the floor or ground around the outside of the garage walls, along the bottom of the driveway, edge of woods, or any place safe from children or pets. If children or pets live where the problem is, then find someone who can give you used washed baby food jars. Spoon the dry podwer into the jars, then cut panty hose material large enough to fit over the top of the jar. Secure with a rubber band, twine, or tape. Place these jars around where the mice are a problem. Use every caution if children can get to the areas where this is being done. Place them on floors, shelves, or outside porches. This causes them to leave, verses killing them, so you have no worry about dead bodies or the maggots that will result. In time the jars need to be stirred up, or lines re laid down to stay effective. Another good trick that works is finding a friend that has a cat and asking for the used dirty cat litter. By using the same placement plan, mice think a cat lives there. Ferret and skunk feces also works, and believe it or not, specialty garden centers sell these, although they are expensive.
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    I have heard this before but it has not worked for me

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