For girls only, I was wondering?

would you feel weird about putting your dirty panties in the hamper, specially if you had some vaginal discharge like from ovulation? If you live with a others in a house, would you feel weird if they saw em in there and they had a stain? I know I feel weird sometimes when it happens to me but i’m not sure if I should?



  1. msalisonlacey
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    Being ashamed is human. If it concerns you hand wash them as soon as you take them off. It should only take 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. Olivia C
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    wear pani liners they are like pads

  3. Call Me Babs
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    You shouldn’t be ashamed of Nature. If you feel weird about putting your soiled undergarments into a hamper where others live, why not hand wash them right after you take them off? This way, there will not be anything to worry about.

  4. pighunter1999
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    do your own laundry

  5. danac210
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    just hand wash them in the sink then wait till they are dry to throw them in the laundry. Don’t worry it is normal

  6. uranus2mars
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    i agree, wear a panty liner or wash them out by hand or do your own laundry…

  7. madamesophia1969
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    It shouldn’t really bother you because this happens to every woman. However since we are all individuals then tell your mom that you want to do your own laundry and if she asks why then tell her. I bet she went thru that too.

  8. Lisa
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    never happened cause i do my own laundry. Wear pantyliner if you’re that icky of your own laundry

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