Fun questions to ask a guy?

Not to dirty but also FUN! Thanks guys and gals.



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    what color are my panties?
  2. ♥♥Stay Beautiful♥♥
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    have you ever fantazied having sex with another guy?

  3. Lexy Lady
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    Why do men like boobs?

  4. why so serious!
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    Do you think gay guys get turn on by their own penis?

  5. b
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    How’s it hanging?
    How much money do you make?
    Have you ever cheated on a gf?

  6. Nykole
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    has he ever had a 3some, has he ever had gay sex, i love asking guys that

  7. sunriseslots
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    Ask him if he knows the difference between sex and a hamburger. When he says no ask him if he’d like to go out for a hamburger.

  8. twix21
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    Ask him what size shoe he wears

    you know what they say the bigger the foot the size of his penis

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