Get rid of panty lines?

I just got a pair of really adorable leggings.
But the only problem is, I get ridiculous panty lines and my underwear gets so bunched up whenever I wear them. It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable!
I tried politely asking my mom for a thong, but she was not having any of it! Any suggestions as to what I can do without her buying me a thong?

Oh, and I’m 15 a freshman in high school.


  1. suri cruise
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    1. buy a thong your self 2. buy any of the other now show panties 3. dont wear any at all
  2. Caren
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    wear spandex underneath

  3. Jess
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    don’t wear underwear

  4. Hill
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    samme i no this is going to sound a little weird but what you do is you get a thin pair of underware and then you tuck it between your cheeks evenly almost taking the place of the thong it really works as long as you have the right type of underware you could also just buy one behind your moms back it is not a big deal just wash them your self

  5. Jackie N
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    honestly i dont wear any underpants w/ leggings. not too be disgusting but there is no other way to do it. thongs are ok but you can still see. spanks? too much layering. too uncomfortable.

  6. Vanessa
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    You can take some old tights and cut them so they look like shorts- they wear them over your underwear, i have found this always works! And they are great to wear under skirts too!

  7. Cindy
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    wear boy shorts underwear. victoria secret has some really nice ones with lace on the egdes (lace trim) so no lines will appear when wearing leggings. works well for me 🙂

  8. Britney R
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    buy your own thong?

  9. ♥che.mwah♥
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    Besides buying one without your mother’s permission & washing it yourself, you can wear boyshorts or anything with a lace trim. Boyshorts are usually thin. Victoria’s Secret has a lot of cute underwear. Good luck (:

  10. My Answer for You!
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    Skip the panties!

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