Girls do you find the word “panties” embarrasing?

It’s one of my favorite words. I love it when girls say it. I have a hard time getting my girlfriend to say it. She doesn’t like it that men don’t have a cutesy name for their underwear but women do.

My absolutely favorite thing in the world is when we are done being intimate. I love it when she asks if she could please put back on her panties. I also like it when she uses the word panties in public because it makes her feel naughty and she blushes.

But I have a hard time getting her to play like that.


  1. hopek2006
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    Oh my. LoL What a funny little fettish you have. I love it! hahaha! Some girls may like it, while other girls may find it weird coming out of a guy's mouth. Girls latley are having more and more problems with simple things [like the word panties] due to the fact that it seems in the last few years, everything about women [both private and non] has become sexualized. We can't even talk about our underwear without some guy getting a Vicorias Secret visual in his head. The female world has become very open to men. For god's sake even our personal products are on commercials for everyone to see. Some women take it better than others. Some just shake their heads and deal, while others attempt to take some sort of stand for privacy and the general idea of "leave a little to the imagination". Its obviously a sore spot. Don't push her to say it. When she feels "panties" aren't such an issue, she'll say it. Then you can go blow a nice big "panty-ish" load. LoL!! ;)
  2. veew19
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    No, i dont find the word “panties” embarrasing, because i wear a clean one everyday!

  3. watzy06
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    wow dude, you’re weird.

  4. queen b
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    yes…its very embarrasing i don’t like to say it at all…thats why i call them underwear…

  5. beackus
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    I can think of alot of words that are more embarrassing than panties

  6. tsull73
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    pull one out..and get on with your day.

  7. crazeblondie52
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    Ok TMI (too much information) and yea i don’t really like the word “panties”

  8. peanut
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    I love the word panties!!! Sounds better than saying underware. I love pink panties even more, and the drink pink panties. Rock on!!!!!

  9. adamdayhoward
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    I find the singular of the word very amusing.

    Just say “panty” and tell me it doesn’t make you smile.

  10. LOST_N_DC
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    Nope, I personally don’t find it embarassing. I think its very feminine…and besides…what else do we call them?

    Hahaha…I had to laugh at her asking you if she can put back on her panties. I see how that can turn you on, dude!! Not in a lesbian way of course but yeah….

    Try to get her more comfortable with saying panties.

    Say it with me honey, “paaaaaantiieeeesssssss”.

    How adorable!!! LOL

  11. Cassie
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    i say panties all the time its not really embarrassing. I even do it in public stores. So what. :):):)

  12. cleancutspike
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    sorry dud, but I agree with watzy, you may have issues.

  13. sbirdie77
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    she is just modest. I bet that it is one of the things you love about her..i think modesty is a lot more sexy. If she was all naughty then you wouldnt see her blush when she says the word “panties” in public

  14. cucheez01
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    nope not embarrassed, just keep working it in there she’ll get more comfortable with it.

  15. Jen-Jen
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    It’s better than saying ‘drawers’, ‘underwear’ or or ‘underclothes’. I can think of many more embarrassing–like tampon.

    I’m not embarrassed of the word panties.

  16. agropelter
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    if not, what about strawberry stinky panties? edible ones?

    why or why not?

  17. Tacyella
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    only fat girls that wear “underwear” are embarrassed…

  18. JB
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    It’s such a silly sounding word.

  19. chedderapples
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    me and my friends say it actually everyone here uses it. I don’t know why someone would find it embarrising to say panties. underware is so over-rated.

  20. advocator_16
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    Not embarrassing at all unless it’s a man’s undergarments.

  21. nana58625
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    No, just a little personal though.

  22. akrajan55
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    What is wrong with that word. If you don’t wear it, could be embarrassing.

  23. Your babe
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    Don’t have any problem with that…. what is panties anyway? oh yeah, i know it.. i wear those when i have monthly period

  24. Elizabeth B
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    you are kind of weird. I’m surprised you have a girl friend at all….

  25. tommyb88
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    it’s a better word than dusche

  26. Erica
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    It really depends on the person. Personally, I don’t care for that word. I prefer “undies” or “underwear”. However when I’m with my husband alone, I’ll use the word to please him. I know he likes that word also.

    I also believe it has to do with how you were brought up. What ever word you heard most growing up, is what you tend to use.

  27. Red Hot Pepper Girl
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    tell her to say “drawers” or

  28. in_L-O-V-E_w/daniel
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    ya i think it is embarrising!….i mean there are so many other words for that than panties…like thongs….bicknis…underwear or anything else so ya….that juzz weird

  29. The Boot
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    Edible undies are more exciting.

  30. catchtherays
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    you know I kinda sorta felt that way too, untill my bf, kept asking for his panties, knowing he had been with another women.
    he couldn’t find his panties, hat, socks, because I would throw them in fire, while he was sleeping.
    lol… beg buddy beg… he was looser, sorta like you now.

  31. LazyTimeGirl
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    I don’t know anyone who uses the word “panties”. All women call them underwear. Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble dude.

  32. Mandi
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    well maybe its something that she just doesnt feel comfortable saying. Thats like telling a guy to go but tampons and women things, they probably would be a little embarrased. dont make her do things that she doesnt want to do, or say, and dont make ur feel uncomfortable about what she says. Men dont do or say everything that we like them to say, but we have to deal.

  33. Lady Katheryn
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    I call them underwear, but I do like the word panties too, which is the word I use around my boyfriend. then again, I mostly say thong, because it is what I wear mostly.

  34. ria
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    its nice that u have hard time getting her say panties because thats why u love it so much, i like this word, but i havent still used this word, but loves it wen my bf uses it, so just keep trying and having fun….:)

  35. cutegirl
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    it’s not embarrassing, it just sounds stupid. just leave it at underwear!

  36. sweetgurl13069
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    I actually prefer to use the word “undies”, but I’m not embarrased to say “panties” either.

  37. KarmaBaby
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    for some odd reason, i do find the word embarrassing but I have no idea why!

  38. padiwan2
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    You should listen to your girlfriend and respect her wishes if you actually love her. If she thinks the word panties is embarrassing, then don’t use it again in public or whereever else she feels that way. Don’t make her do things that’ll make her feel uncomfortable and stupid. Some people don’t think that kind of fun is the least bit funny at all.

    Your girl spoke up. Please respect her and her wishes. Keep it up, she’ll exchange you for someone else.

  39. Survivors Ready?
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    Nothing wrong with the word panties (obviously they live up to their name if simply saying it is making you “pant”!).

    Panties! Panties! Panties! Panties! Panties! Panties! Panties!

  40. noyb
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    No, not at all!

  41. Evelyn R
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    saying panties is like a guys saying he wears tighty wighties. Leave her alone! You should make her feel like a goddess, not make her feel embarrased.

  42. Poster22
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    Can I smell her panties when she’s done with them?

    Just wondering…….

  43. atl Angel
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    no i dont find it embarrasing to say the word panties, underwear is worse then panties and undercarriage is the worse i say it in the dukes of hazzard movie and i didnt get why the guys were getting all hot and bothered about checking her undercarriage until someone told me that it also ment ur underwear…if she doesnt feel comfortable sayin it in public dont push her to say it.and when she does dont make a big deal about it….and tell her that whitey tities are way worse then panties.

  44. xprincezzSicax
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    Panties is a cute word and i didn’t know there was a drink called “Pink Panties” i wanna taste that!

  45. santasha
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    No panties are not embarrassing its natural for a woman to wear undergarment be proud of it. Watch for all the woman that do not wear panties they might be sluths. Tell your girlfriend not to be embarrassed hey its not the panties that count it ‘s what underneath

  46. goddess
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    its not embarrassing until you have a hole in the lower corner of your back pocket and everyone in your chemistry class starts commenting on them..=> so, its not embarrassing to say, its just embarrassing to see!!!

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