How can people afford Bras and Panties????

I have not had a new Bra in 1.5 years or new Panties for 1 year. We just don’t make enough money for me to buy these things. My bras are from Wal-mart. But I see some very nice bras at Victoria’s Secret…but could never afford them. I have some panties from them…but they were on sale and it was a gift card.

So women how do you afford these things???

Men, do you mind when women buy such expensive Bras or Panties??? Do you ever buy them for her???
What a stupid answer “work hard”. I WORK EXTREMELY HARD!
Well, I have 2 kids. We spend our money on rent, insurance, utilities, diapers, etc. We don’t go out to eat or buy anything really. So it is spent on our needs like a roof over our head and food etc.


  1. Jenny Penny
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    well i don't spend like 30 bucks on panties or something!! Usually i would spend like $25 on a bra and like $5 on panties. But i go 2 kohl's and they have sales often and they send us good deals cuz we have their card. So on these good deals i can get bras for like $15 or less and i also get those 5 pack panties thing.
  2. Dafinie
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    Uhhh… We work hard?

  3. Poison Ivy
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    I buy wal-mart bras they work just fine, I only wear underwear 5 days a month, they came from wal-mart, too.

  4. Rick L
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    Personally, I think the world would be a far better place without bras and panties …

  5. Donna
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    I have a couple of discount catalogs that I order from. Both the bras and panties are pretty and inexpensive to boot; not to mention of better quality than the high priced ones.

  6. loocsielleirb
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    that’s a stupid question. i never been in there but how much could they actually cost? at kmart things cost $5.00 you buy new stuff when it gets old. I get new stuff every year.

  7. Middlefinger!
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    Cheer up!
    Life is more than buying and selling!
    Work with what you have…appreciate what you can afford…take care of what you already have…and life will get better!
    Hold your head up and live a good life!


  8. Gypsy Girl
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    It is a matter of priorities. What are you spending your money on instead of bras and panties?

  9. Average Joe
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    Expenisve panties and bras are a waste in my opinion. Well at least for looks, comfort i am guessing is a different story. But any ways as a guy I care more about whats under the bra and panties. I am sure most straight guys feel the same way.

  10. Ms. Pro-God, Country N Apple Pie
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    Check at thrift stores, garage sales, retail shops, on-line auctions, etc. Ignore the smart-alecs. Many people go into debt on plastic to buy those things. Don’t envy them. Some people are fortunate to know someone they can receive their “hand-me-down’s” from as well.

  11. Mel W
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    I’m struggling financially, too. I haven’t bought new under garments in a long time… fortunately, my mom stayed with me for a few days a couple of years ago, and she gasped when she saw I was still wearing maternity undies, and my son was in pre-school. She bought me two new bras and seven pairs of underpants that fit, and since then every year at Christmas she gets me undies, socks, and a bra. My other siblings get little luxuries for Christmas, but my mom realized how stretched I am right now… and knows I’d rather have some basics than CD’s, DVD’s, or a gift card to Godiva.

    I know how you feel… It’s the little things that really get you when your income doesn’t go up, and they increase the rent and price of everything else too.

    God Bless

  12. Amy R 83
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    Wal-mart underwear works just fine. Bras on the other hand I really believe are better if baught at Victoria Secret. They are more comfrontable, last longer and dont make your boobs feel hard. Like some pushup bras make it feel. Since you are my sister I can always buy you some for Christmas. My ‘hubby” said that the best times to buy from Victoria Secrets is when they are having there semi annual sale, which is once or twice a year. So you would have to look out for it. But it’s when they are getting rid of all the old inventory to make room foe the new. Another time he believes is around Christmas. BTW, I got a Fredricks of Hollywood catalog in the mail yesterday. They are having there semi annual sale right now. Underwear for 4 for $12 and bras starting at $9.99. You should look it up online.

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