How common is it for a guy to keep the used panties of his GF?

My GF has been collecting used panties of all his GF, me included. I think this is wrong. What do you say?



  1. Red R
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    Lol you got yourself a perv. Careful panties might not be the only souveniers his taking. Hide cameras
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    that is so gross

  3. Ricky Nai
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    It is totally weird!

  4. Nicole Thompson
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    Your girlfriend has been collecting panties of all his girlfriends……. Yup, im confused!

  5. Konstantinos Danas
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    You mean your boyfriend right? 😛
    Well some boys do it for trophies or to show off to other friends
    But I wouldnt do it!

  6. Sharon
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    that is so disgusting

  7. Laura Prior
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    I agree this is wrong, and gross!! The question is tho, how old is he?? If he’s under 20, i’d say you might just have to tell him its gross and leave it with that. If you’ve been dating for a long time and he’s mid 20’s + – i’d be telling him in no uncertain terms that they are going!

  8. Kristin
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    That’s just nasty.

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