How do I spice things up and turn my boyfriend on?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 1/2 years and we stopped having sex as often as we used to. I want to spice things up tonight make it sexy and romantic.

What are somethings I can do tonight to make things romantic but also to turn him on?

I want to make it a night to remember!


  1. Lynn Z
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    The most important thing you can do is ACT like YOU WANT IT! Eat a light dinner with him and DON'T tell him your plans for sex. Prepare by going to the store today and getting some nice panties and bra, then going home and treating yourself to a bath, shave, wash hair, lotion your whole body, put on your new sexy panties, paint your nails, wear your hair down and get on light makeup. Then put on a cute outfit. Do all this so you FEEL CONFIDENT! It's important to men that their women is self-assured. After you get all ready, clean your bed sheets and make the bed nice so you feel really good about yourself and the spot you will take him to bed after dinner. Eat then take him by the hand and sit him on the clean bed and have him watch you strip down to your NEW SEXY panties. Make sure you feel sexy and clean and confident. Then lay with him and pet him, kiss him and TALK DIRTY. Tell HIM you WANT him. Tell him you love HIS BODY, HIS C***. And go from there. Look up dirty talk, he will LOVE IT! Have fun :)
  2. acmeraven
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    Have one of your girl friends over for a pajammaless party?

  3. new date, October 21st
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    flowers, heart shaped candy, candle light and some romantic music ( like Chicago )

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    play a naughty school girl—drive in the car and pull up your skirt-no panties-let him do you in a mens dressing room in macy’s

  5. Shy Guy
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    Ask him to marry you. The emotionally and sexual satisfaction a woman experiences when a man commits to her for life is extremely high.

    But I have a feeling that’s not going to happen. After all, you’re giving him sex whenever he wants it.

  6. shanita c
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    start with making his favorite meal . doing dinner have music playing and candles too.
    then maybe put a movie on and then change into a sex outfit and sit right next to him and rub on his legs he will want you after that 🙂 good luck have fun

  7. Bob Mundo
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    My girlfriend put on a maid outfit one day to surprise me and it was the best night of my life… nuffsaid

  8. Ruchika Sharma
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    *Wear a sexy lingerie underneath..
    *Seduce him..
    *Open your clothes..
    *Put some chocolate sauce on him and lick it with your lips..
    *Don’t allow him to do anything.. And just don’t get into sex too early.. Foreplay..
    (Do all this in some candle light) And also put some feminine perfume, nice make up and sexy hair do :p you can check it out on youtube..

  9. Rodney
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    You and one of your hot girlfriends dress up like naughty school girls and go to town on him. If he is not completely blown away by this, then the dude is gay.

  10. Me
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    Go have some drinks.

    Hit the strip club, find out which girls offer after hours “extras”.

    Have them meet you at a hotel.

    Make the night all about him.

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