How do you advertise a used panties business?

Some girlfriends and I have teamed up to sell used panties on the internet. We’re doing custom requests where you specify what you want (fabric, contents, etc.) Obviously we’re targeting fetishists and Japanese men (they love dirty undies). Doing a search is overwhelming! There are so many places where we could advertise, but we’d like help in weeding them out so we can find the top five. We’re not quite ready for a website.



  1. cbj7984
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  2. nandhu d
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    Try online ad service such as yahoo & Google

  3. uhohwhatswrong
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    wow, I was gonna say you don’t and thats gross, but if there is really a market for this with people with fetishes…thats a great business idea.

    Why don’t you start by approaching porn sites with people with those fetishes. (If their are any, I obviously wouldn’t know, lol.)

  4. Dosage
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    Why don’t you sell them to teabag makers? Aromatic and aphrodisiac. Can you market/sell my nutty briefs? 50/50 our deal.

  5. Mark P
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    Hi, the Jap business man thing sounds good at first, but unfortunatley they can actually buy used panties from vending machines, so dont waste your cash competing!
    The fetish ideas the one to go for, websites + magazines will be your best bet. Remember to put excellent pics of yourselves up – perhaps even charge an extra fee for you wearing the actual panties they are buying(its something different and will get you more noticed + more money). All the best of luck!

  6. Orange S
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    what kind of bisness is that

  7. webmasterauto
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    It’s a fact. Believe it or not.
    In Japan they do have “dirty panty” vending machines.
    Seen’em myself.

    Didn’t buy though. I prefer mine be freshly peeled off the woman by myself & god willing they are mostly clean.

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