How many pairs of panties do you own?

Do you think owning twenty pairs of panties is enough?



  1. Nicole
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    In high-school I was obsessed with buying panties for whatever reason, and I had I think about 150 pairs. Now... I have probably 50 tops. Now that I think about it I wonder what happened to all of those o.O But yes, to answer your question, 20 should be plenty :)
  2. Richard M
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    I don’t have any panties,except those of my now-deceased wife. They are not very very attractive…..((

  3. Casey Humphrey
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    Thats about how many I have. Just keep up with laundry! :p

  4. Time for a change...
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    I guess it all depends on how often you can/will do laundry and how much you like panties.

    Personally, I have a thing(dare I say a problem?) for cute/sexy panties and have a couple of hundred pairs…

  5. Ron again
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    10 pairs of girls panties and so may guys all kinds to many to count right now but just a quest I;d say about 30. Boxer shorts,briefs,bikini all styles,girls and guys.I love the boy shorts..

  6. 0 Votes

    I have about 25 pairs all styles

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