How often do u change panty liners?

im starting to use panty liners for normal discharge 1. is it safe? 2. how long till i change it? 3. can i keep one on all day?



  1. janice
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    It depends on how heavy your discharge is and how fresh you want to feel. I change 4 or 5 times a day. I don't wear them at night. It's never caused me any problem wearing them. I have worn them almost daily for close to 30 years. Just make sure you don't leave them on when they are wet. The whole point of using them is to keep wetness away from your body. Change them often.
  2. Paxico Trader
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    If you have discharge all day, then I would change it at least twice, maybe more.

  3. *Arielle*
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    Change them about every 3-4 hours. Yeah it is totally safe! I wouldn’t keep it in all day.

  4. Anthony F
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    I am a man, I don’t wear panties, hence I do not use pantyliner.

  5. Ashley Bass
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    I guess it depends on personal preference. I only use a pantyliner along with a tampon. I use it to catch spotting in between tampon changes. As for how often to change, it would depend on how light or heavy your period is.

  6. PG_13
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    sory bianc, it is ur business.

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