i feel so sad, i feel lke dying is the only calm place, i know this is extreme but..?

for some reason i feel like this and i really need help and support.x

i feel like i have a crap home life, my mum and dad want a divorce, mmy mum shaving an affair that only i know about me and my dad argue the whole time. im not alowed to see my grandparents becos they hate how im realted to my dad, who they hate (MY MUMS THEIR DAUGHTER) buta the moment im sad because school used to be a hppay place for me..

ok so recently i decided to stay on at my schools sixth form, instead of go off to college where a lot of my friends went, because apparently “everyone fails” there, and people seemed to think i would do well if i stayed on, i got 10a*s at gcse so then some people said i would do well at both places but i stayed on for sport and easiness. anyway i have stayed and i am so depressed, i havea c ouple of close friends left and some ok ones but i honestly just feel so limited. it’s such a weird private school environment and yesterday i just burst into tears in the loos because it’s just got too depressing. there are hardly any boys and i know this sounds so pathetic but it just is depressing the environment is so claustrophobic and i hate it.

i cant get a place at the college any more because i stupidly cancelled it, everyone there is going on about how amazing it is and all these new friends and i just wish i had gone there. at my school im finding the 5 people lessons are soo depressing and i can’t actually concentrate.

i don’t know how to cheer myself up, i’ve tried aiming towards uni and just hoping there will be loads of parties then????

also im considering dropping maths because i’m hating it (im one girl in a class of 3 boys and an old man teacher whos really odd and pervy and talks about girls that got expelled for wearing no knickers LONG STORY but just ew). im taking art which i love, biology and english which are okay although there is a really anouying girl (there are like 4 of us in total so it’s hard to ignore) who has read all the books already and swatted up and i wish she would SHUT UPPP lol.

yesterday i was crying a lot today was better i know its a silly thign to complain about but i was wondering if anyone had any advice
3 seconds ago – 3 days left to answer.
alli want to do is party and drink and forget , but i cant, there are no parties and i’mlosing friends. i dont know what life holds anymore i feel like i worked so hard last year for nothing. now im just seen as a huge geek, i want to move to la and just have fun all my life



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    What you should do is try to stay away from them. It might be hard but you can't fix what's happening. You should also try to stay at a friend's house as much as you can. Also, how old are you? Because you can leave when your 18 so you only have X amount of years left. About school, try not to really talk a lot in class. You might miss out on "the big popular kid scene" but if you're on the verge of suicide, that's not exactly the biggest thing at the moment. Just do your work and get good grades because you can get a better job and have more money for when you move out. For tranquility, try to find something that makes you like that. (Yeah, the drinking always made me better too but I'm guessing you can't really get much of that.) For me, it's sleeping. You should try to find something whether it's reading, writing, music, or just watching TV. As long as it helps. About the suicidal thoughts, use the technique I'd always use. The "one more day". Just try to find something to look forward to, even if it's little things. I'd say, "Well, I have to see what will happen on that TV show next week." or "I was going to make cookies tomorrow!" Then if you really force yourself to believe it, you'll keep delaying it. And I used to have a teacher like that named Mr. Wagner in 6th grade. He was so disgusting, always "reading" girl's shirts. You shouldn't try to drop the class entirely but switch to another teacher. (If that's possible at your school.) I hope I helped. =)
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    You didn’t give many details about your family but there must be somebody who is a little more stable and you can consult with. In any case, if you are on your own you can go to social services who can give you advice. That having been said, you must realize that “just having fun” is not a realistic goal in life – somebody is going to have to pay for it and unless you are independently wealthy, that may be a problem. Drinking also is not such a good idea since it is addictive and causes tremendous health problems, and, it really doesn’t solve anything. What you should do is concentrate on your studies, study the things you like (to the extent you have a choice) and get yourself a hobby or a volunteer position to be with people who you can help (or animals). When you give love, you get a lot back in return and that will make you feel good. Don’t waste time on partying – it’ll only get you in trouble. Sometimes life isn’t easy but remember, whatever situation you overcome, makes you stronger. Dying should be left for when the time is right, many many years from now. Life is a lot of fun but you have to make it that, don’t expect the world around you to do all the work – sometimes it does and sometimes not. Cheer up, stay strong and you’ll overcome this difficult period in your life.

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    ok, so let me get this straight. you think that all the hard work you did last year was for nothing because you cant party and drink now?
    that is a little backwards, don’t you think?
    listen hun, take it from someone who has been where you are at, and where you wish you were… you are on the better side of the fence. I think if you would stop moping and feeling sorry for the situation you put yourself in, you’d see that you can have fun, you can make friends, you can do all that your friends are doing without drinking. I’ve never drank in my life and I have fun all the time. Its your attitude that needs work, not your situation.
    You are in a class for 4 people. take that time to learn and ask questions, instead of crying because you’d rather be at a party. you are in college to learn, are you not? or did you just go because you thought it would be one big non-stop party? As far as the old man teacher making ‘eeeewwww’ comments, if it offends you, LET THAT BE KNOWN. don’t just sit there and listen to him degrade women and talk about those girls. Tell him its rude and disrespectful, and you dont wanna listen to it. Its sexist and wrong. And i’m not a feminist. I think its also wrong for girls to sit around and talk about guys like they are objects as well.
    Bottom line is, if you want a better life, make it. do you feel better about the situation after you cry and sob and mope? no, because you are still right back where you started, except you have red eyes, a runny nose, and blotchy cheeks.
    Learn while you are in school, get a camera and go on a nature walk and take pictures, turn up the music and dance like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, Invite three of the girls from your school over to do something fun or to go watch a movie or something. You are in this perdicament because you put yourself there. So make the best of it.

    As far as all that stuff you’re going through with your parents, I can relate to that. What helped me a lot was talking to my counselor at school, and eventually, social services. I also recommend telling your mom how you feel, and sitting down and telling your dad how arguing with him makes you feel. Try to also remember that they are your parents and deserve your respect when talking to them, so try not to get upset and ill-tempered when discussing it. chances are, if you stay calm, so will they. And hun, maybe if your parents get divorced, it will give you a chance to get a better relationship with them both, seeing as they won’t be bickering and stuff all the time, they’ll have more time to concentrate on your needs.

    if you don’t like your college, you can always finish the semester and apply for enrollment in the spring to where ever it is that you are wanting to go.

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    o that’s so sad!

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