I spilled milk on my sisters panties!?

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!! i accidentally spilt my cereal on my sisters panties. i need to know a really quick way to get milk out of silky panties without damaging them. I can’t use the washer because she gets home in like 45 minutes!!! help please!?

Also: the milk is slightly thicker than usual because i think it was bad.



  1. voicefromparis
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    Poor Idiot.... thick milk, sister's panties, what is next? Did you also "accidentally" find a used condom in your mother's purse?
  2. Bill
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    Hmm… so why where your sisters panties at the table when you were eating?

  3. judyarb1945
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    Where were your sister’s panties that you would be able to spill your milk on them? I think you are just going to have to tell her because I don’t have any answer to your problem, except keep your food away from other people’s clothing.

  4. Bachatero
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    Your done…throw them out plead ignorance..and get help..

  5. Natalia
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    Yeah…….. Sure…….. “Milk”…….

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