i used a pair of barely ever used panty hose over my filter intake will it hurt my fish?

i have fish that have babys so i put a pair of barely used panty hose over the intake. they may have been washed once but have barely been used. i washed it real well in HOT water and put alot of dechlorinator on it will it kill my fish?
what if they were washed with soap like 3 or more months ago?



  1. Fish Stix Suck
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    It should be fine as long as they have never been washed with soap.

    They should still be okay.

  2. Gary C
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    If they’ve been washed and rinsed well, they should be fine.
    Nylon is the material in stockings/pantyhose, and also the material most often used for fish nets and filter media bags.

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