I wear same bra and panties up to 48 hours I sleep with bra and panties every day is this OK?

i always sleep with same bra and same panties that i worn for the day time
usually i wear them for next day also without changing
that mean i wear same bra & panties for about 48 hours
always these bras and panties are very tight
but comfortable

i am 14 and size is 32


  1. skittelz
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    The bra I don't see any issue with..besides hygeine maybe. You really should change your panties often though... you could get infections because the panties basically will trap the bacteria from your privates, and it will creep back up =/ eek.
  2. Meee :P
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    err whatever suits you really i would probably change my undies one a day though. But bra is not so bad….

  3. Laura D
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    Well, most people shower every 24 hours and put on fresh underwear when they are clean. As you get older, you will want start to smell more and get body hair, which traps sweat next to skin. Both of these things will mean you need to shower every day to almost every day, and change your clothes accordingly. If you are already in the midst of puberty, perhaps you should think about doing that now.

  4. FriendsFan!
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    the bra is ok, but panties no, you should change them!

  5. Daniel N
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    ^ or crap, is that the same for guys? I go for like 3 weeks with the same underwear

  6. Anon
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    You should change your clothes every 24hours at least, cause if your not changing them then your gonna take a shower then wear them and be just as dirty as yesterday :/ BUT HEY WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT

  7. Michael A
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    Yeah, that’s fine. Just make sure to turn them inside out if they start to get dirty.

  8. Twiggy
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    Well hygiene is definitely an issue here. I guess going two days isn’t too bad, but it’s not fantastic either. It’s very important to keep everything fresh and clean down there to avoid infection. Also, I mean, who wants to be dirty down there?

    Sleeping with a bra is actually not good for your health though. Especially if it’s very tight! You can develop severe back problems AND it increases your chances of developing breast cancer.

    I would start sleeping without a bra personally…

  9. Tina C
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    the bra whatever but the panties……..um change those every day sweet cheeks

  10. iaing1951
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    Is this a serious question ?? I’d guess you are unattached and likely to remain that way until you learn some basic hygiene.

  11. CatWarmer
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    I never wear a bra to sleep in. The breast is made of fatty tissue, and you need to give the breast a chance for any toxin buildup to drain out into your lymph system.

  12. PurpleRoses568
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    yea nothing wrong with that

  13. Jesús Ernesto
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    Hey start sleeping without them. I know it the new thing and pride to you but it much more easy going to sleep without them, bra and panties, just wear something loose if you want. Nice comfortable tshirt is ok.

  14. tgaddis94
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    is this a joke
    or are you being serious

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