im a crossdresser, i need some help?

when i was younger i would always sneak into my moms room and wear her clothes, well my mom walked in on me one time and she got mad and forced me to wear her dirty panties and a dress everyday i was at the house, and wear her panties to school. now that im grown up ive become a crossdresser, i would like to say that im beutiful. Well my mom is getting remarried and she wants me to be her maid of honor and she said i should pick out the bridesmaid dresses, she said something maroon, I need help finding the right dress. (oh should i wear pantyhose or stockings)



  1. J1
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    LOL To each his own. Wear pantyhose--it'd be less trashy than fishnets or something like that, especially considering it's a wedding. If you DO wear stockings, make sure they are the color of your skin--black ones would be too much with a maroon dress. As far as dresses go...hmm...michael kors makes beautiful dresses. If that's out of your price range, go to victoria's secret's website--they have some nice ones on there. Don't wear anything too short or tight--think classy. Good luck.
  2. mumba
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    ummm what gender are you? i’m confused, either way that is.. well to put it nicely i dont agree with you (blank )lifestyle.

  3. livvy
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    Will just answer the latter part.
    Stockings. lol
    Hope you have a great day 🙂

  4. sally u
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    Dude your a man ,wow is that you in the pic? Do you have any emotional problems from having to wear dirty panties all the time? I would suggest just looking online at dresses or hit the mall, i like to see the dresses in person and be able to try them on right then, just make sure your panties are clean please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also if i was you, i would wear stockings seems like they would be more comfortable for you.

  5. rosee
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    you can put together your own dress and pick colors, fabric, and accessories.

    i put together a dress but i can show it to you.
    but i picked top 81331 and bottom 81563 with no accessories and in maroon.
    and another one with top F81223 and bottom 81227 in the same color. i know thats probably complicated but you can have fun with it.
    and i also liked these dresses:

    have fun at the wedding :]

    oh! and pantyhose would be good.

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