is it safe to swim without a tampon?!?

i swim competitivley and i have a charity swim tonight.
ive never wore tampons during practice because i wear pads you can wear in the water, but my period started yesterday and so its heavier today. i dont want to wear a tampon becasue they always hurt and i can never get them in… i dont want to leak in front of all the swimmers cause im a freshmann on the high school team! although ive never leaked before without one…

please help me!(:



  1. Lebeautemps
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    Why can't you carry on using the pads? Ideally it's not the best idea but it is an option, or you can use period belts like which are extra-long pads that fasten around your waste so more secure and easier to hide, better still are period panties like Lunapanties from Lunapads, these are underwear with pads built-in so better protection, easier to hide and more comfortable. Menstrual cups like Divacup are the best option, these are internal bell-shaped cups, which are much healthier and more hygienic than tampons, as well as more comfortable, easier to use, convenient, and reliable. You can leave cups for up to 12 hours even before your period or during heavy days, so no having to change all the time and cups don't leak so no risk of embarrassment. There's nothing showing outside of your body so they are more discreet. You can use a diaphragm as a menstrual cup, or use softcups like Instead which are diaphragm-shaped so sit further up in your vagina, they work on the same idea as menstrual cups so have similar benefits, but they aren't as easy to use as menstrual cups. It's a myth that periods stop in water, it just seems that way as you don't bleed constantly so what small amount there is gets diluted by the water, but if you're heavy or if larger pieces of the uterus lining come out then people will notice, especially when you get out of the water. Vagina's don't have anything built in to detect water, and your uterus is inside you so it can't tell when you're in water to know to stop shedding. Imagine if water did stop periods, they'd stop in the shower, maybe we'd be able to stop periods by just going near water like by dipping our hands in water to trick our water-seeking-vagina's, and stores would sell pads that kept you wet rather than dry.
  2. Mz.RiRireppin~mycity~Chi_Town
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    yeah its fine but you have to hurry and get in the water because when you get inn the water your period stops!!!

  3. Kate
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    it really depends how long you’ll be in the water. the longer you’re in it, the more of a chance there will be of you leaking all over the place. maybe revisit the tampon thing since it’s only one night. relax before you put them in and it shouldn’t hurt.

  4. Sauda
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    your period stops once you’re in the water. you may want a water-safe pad in, because once you come out, all the blood comes out. Playtex sport Normal is thin, and doesn’t cause leaks. Try to put a little KY Jelly on it.

  5. Pho
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    Save yourself the embarrassment and just wear the tampon. Why take that chance?

  6. Helpfuull ((:
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    basically you can go in the water without one coz when you are under the water, the pressre of being under water stops the flow for a while so you should be okayy, also, when you get out your period wont start for a certain amount of time (no clue wha it is thoo. lol) so dont spend to much time before putting a pad in after you get out (like 15 mins then put one in (: hope i helped x

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    Hey!I know exactly how you feel,I swim on a swim team and i swim alone.About your problem i have heard that the blood stops when your in the water but i never wanted to take the chance.I have always used tampons.Maybe you should try tampons and just make sure when you put it in point it towards your stomach.I hope i helped a little.

  8. Dippy
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    Your period is made up of blood and tissues that your body no longer requires, so it is excreted. It’s called human body waste. It is a bio-hazard and a contaminate. It is illegal to intentionally contaminate public facilities.

    But, if you insist, you may want to call ahead and tell the people in charge to add some extra chemicals to make up for the extra pollution. I’m sure the other swimmers would appreciate it.

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