Is it wrong for my boyfriend to smell my panties?

Yesterday I invited my boyfriend over to my house, we were in my room when he asked me for something to drink, I then went downstairs to get something to drink for the both of us. When i was walking up the stairs through my mirror on m wall i could see him going through my laundry smelling my dirty under. I don’t know what to do about that? Do you think its bad. weird, etc.


  1. americornfuel
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    I imagine every guy's gonna try that once. At least virgin guys who are really horneeeee. He got caught, though. Give it a pass this time, but if he does anything else weird move one.
  2. I'm just me! :)
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    Yeah weird.. o_o
    Maybe he wants to sleep with you

  3. Natalka
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  4. Angel of Death
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  5. mickiee16
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    thats just guys for ya..i woul d think it was weird if my bf did…

  6. –ƤƦĩƞƈƏƧƨ ♥ɀ ТЇϻ͉
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    thats REALLY weird.
    seems like hes quagmire

  7. Yea Man
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    Weird, Yes. Normal? Double yes. I can’t explain it, it’s just a guy thing. *shame*

  8. ladybug
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    is he perverted? maybe u should ask him? or maybe not?

  9. AM
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    that’s kinda strange ..

  10. alan
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    thats funny cuz i would never do that lol

  11. shanaynay
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    thats REALLY weird

  12. <3 I Have the Travel Bug
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    Creepy! I would ask him why he did that.

  13. maknbgr
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    yeah, he’s a perv. offer to sell have a used pair.

  14. Ollie
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    It cant be that bad but its somthing you might want to talk to him about.


  15. Bass Drummer223
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    no its fine

  16. Nadine P.
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    YES VERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its pretty perverted…eeeewww srry o_0

  17. Pαιge
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  18. Andrew S.
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    No, it’s not weird. Its hard to girls to understand guys when it comes to sexuality. We can’t really contain it, so we do stupid shit. If you think its weird, tell him, and he will stop. IMO, most guys will do it, and its normal.

  19. Syd
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    You should probably dump him, then start telling all of his friend’s why you dumped him. That will definitely teach him not to smell any of his future girlfriend’s underwear.

  20. ηο ɾiηg 4 Lεβɾοη til κοβε ɾετiɾε
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    Sorry to laugh but its normal some guys actually do that. I use to smell my wife underwear but her CLEAN ones.

  21. Allie
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    yeaaaah he wants 2 hav sex

  22. Maeve
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    ummm dont stress he was probally just curiouse. Dont mention it but if he says something like “your undies smell bad” just be like why were you smelling them???!!!!!

  23. Kye11
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    He is just freaky and that’s not always a bad thing.

  24. Reptar "RAWR"
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  25. Danniella Flame
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    it sounds pretty weird. He shouldn’t be going through your dirty laundry.

  26. Bella
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    thats weird

  27. Anonnimi
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    hes just horny

  28. damagiciankid
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    um that’s kinda wierd but some guys are into that stuff i know some of my friend done that so it’ss normal unfortanately.

  29. Saki
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    it is kinda strange means he probably wants to have sex but that is just my Guess

  30. STAR
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    Its really weird

  31. Kirby
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    Sounds perverted, sorry to say. Plain creepy.

  32. Colette
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    all i can tell you is that it’s HILARIOUS!!! Try videotaping him and putting it on youtube. u’ll get a bunch of views.

  33. dartthrower22
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    Generally speaking, your underwear will smell like you do… He likes how you smell its normal…

    How a person smells can tell another person how healthy another person is.

  34. Dopey Dinosaur
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    Sneaky. He asked for a drink to be alone with your panties.

    Some guys really like that stuff I guess.

  35. Lisa
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    Many guys do this… they just don’t get caught, lol. I feel sorry for your guy. He should be more discreet.

    Tell him not to smell your undies anymore. Don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s not as twisted as you think it is. (One of guys’ many dirty secrets – no pun intended, lol.)

    Case in point: I just read over your responses, notice all the guys don’t think it’s weird? See, completely normal. Most girls just don’t know about this…. but guys do it. LOL.

  36. LoveMeLoveMeNot
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    Not bad, but weird. Really weird. Of you catch him again, I would walk right in on the act and ask him why. If not, then forget about it, just a weird “teen moment”.

  37. mewildgurl
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    Ooo That’s so strange.. maybe he is sex additive

  38. 1a3rmosa
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    thats wierd..some guys think its “hott” or a turn on to smell used panties,but i think its gross kuz cum on now you bleed from there and they wana smell to him or ignore it,but it could be some kind of warning flag that he wants to have sex with you,if your not already, or that he could be some kind of sexual perv,not like rapist or molester just extra kinky.

  39. ♏ilyfaz
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    no, as you get older, you will learn that things that you may find weird or gross turn other people on.

  40. skateboardfool
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    WEIRD! I don’t know how old you are, but that is just creepy! i think it is wrong. Either it was a stupid dare, or that guy is a creeper! I would call him out on it if he ever does something like that again!

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    That’s a little odd but don’t blame him, he’s a guy. He’s just thinking what goes in them.

  42. BabeHart
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    .Some guys find it arousing…it’s a harmless fetish on its own. I don’t get the appeal but then I don’t think p*ssy smells good and some guys do. Go figure.

  43. lovelonte.
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    ew wtf i think its weird but if hes into that kinda stuff then take a shower before he comes nd put some fresh panties on nd then give those to him to keep so he can smell them when he wants lol

  44. rapjocity
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    nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa……………….. that is very creepy

  45. jackm
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    not right, but not weird either, only following natural mating instincts of getting your scent, if you are interested in him, than its nothing to worry about. talk to him about it. Not my thing though.

  46. A gayish 2010 everybody!!!
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    Kinky maybe but not weird, despite I had never smell my partner’s boxers, that’s just a kinky fetish like kissing and sucking toes or do some oral underwater if you’re in the sea / pool. Nothing to really worry about

  47. Anna
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    I find it a little weird, but maybe he just likes your “scent”.. IDK, why don’t you try talking to him about this?? Don’t embarrass him, just nicely tell him that you have had something on your mind, and that you need to talk to him about it.

  48. CanUHelp
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    he just wants some sex….give him some….

  49. DuckieLove12
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    This is a common act I guess some guys like to do. Just like on the movie White Chicks…”Every guy likes to sniff a chicks underwear.” Or it goes something like that. One thing I would worry about though is that you was not in your room and he did this with thinking you didnt see. Some guys sorry to say this. Are more animal like then others. Back in the day if you believe in revolution it was part of the girl to release a pharomeno that would attract a mate. In other words maybe he was just making sure he liked what he thought you would smell like if things got to that point. Either way if you are not comfortable with him doing that then you should probably just let him know. You can do it in a joking way and be like I was going through my laundry the other day and saw my stuff was messed with. I wonder if my mom, brother, dad, got into it and see if he confesses! Then talk it out! Best of luck!

  50. chilisauce234
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    I dont think it’s too weird, I think guys all have their own little perversions. I think if you’re comfortable with him and he doesn’t do anythign to you, I’d just let it go.

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    I have had guys want to smell my panties all the time it’s pretty normal really

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