Is this country ruled by idiots i would like to give an example of how we are being brow beaten by do gooders?

My wife recently decided to knit a sweater for herself and duly purchased some new wool; and needles and wanted 6mm steel needles,when she returned home she noticed the needles were flexible and no good and she had asked for steel needles,she returned to the shop and asked for steel needles in exchange she was told that due to some people using 6mm needles as weapons they can no longer sell them,i could not believe what i was hearing,so here we go again the thugs and low life are determining the way we live,what is this country coming to



  1. wayfaroutthere
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    Sounds like you are--and that's something I've feared would happen in the US too. Roosevelt told us that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. While he was talking about the depression and not criminals and terrorists, the lesson extends there as well. Osama Bin Laden and all the terrorists in the world can't do anything to take away America's freedom. We have to do that to ourselves. Why on earth would we just decide to not be a free country anymore? Fear--that's why. Because people are afraid, TSA (airport security) searches grandma's diapers and put their hands on the panties of five year olds. All Al Queda could do to us is kill a few people and cost us some money--giving up our dignity had to be done by Americans. I could give more examples from this side of the pond, but it sounds like you know all about it and the problem has gone farther over there. Why don't you send a letter to your MP and tell him that because knives could be dangerous weapons that all meals should be served in baby food form and served with a plastic spoon--either he'll propose the bill and you'll know it's time to leave, or he'll think for half a second about how silly the thought that controlling weapons would control homicide is. A person can be killed by just about any piece of metal and most pieces of wood--it is impossible to outlaw weapons. Let your MP know that freedom is more important than lives, as lives without freedom are less worth living. You could try to argue that they aren't saving lives, but a politician won't buy that (if there were 50 less homicides they would act like they saved fifty lives). You need to let them know that you don't want them to let fear rule your MP--and by extension you.
  2. trish s
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    I know it does sound daft but it’s been so for a long time. My late husband used to work for a well known chain of charity shops and he would bring me home steel needles which they weren’t allowed to sell in their shops. If someone donated cutlery,the knives weren’t sold as law. Mad mad world…………..

  3. Senseless.Surroundings
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    What I dont get is how they ID you if you want to buy like, cutlery for example. You have to be over 18 (or21, im not sure) to buy certain household items that could be used as weapons. But why is an “underage” person any more likely to stab someone with a corkscrew than anyone else? Bizzare.

  4. PHIL B
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    I think that we need to find out which government department it is that runs the “Nanny State”, and also which one deals with the “Politically Correct” regulations.

    Not many days to go, and we could re-enact Guy Fawkes!

  5. Mark
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    If she bought them cheap, what did she EXPECT to get? (People who BUY cheap things GET cheap things, and in the past when not everything was available at rock-bottom prices, you didn’t as a rule get shclocky merchandise.)

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