Is this normal for girls?

Is it normal for your underwear to get really dirty when you have been doing like riding a bike, sports or doing a lot of walking?



  1. Seraphim
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    Daily vaginal discharge is part of being a woman! The amount and consistency will vary depending where in your menstrual cycle you are - anything from hardly anything to creamy consistency, to feeling like someone just dumped a bunch of raw egg white in your undies. It's why they invented panty liners If we're talking the skid mark variety of dirty, then you need to take more care when wiping your bottom!
  2. Rachel
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    Well yeah. You get sweaty when you exercise. Sweat makes you clothes get dirty. So yes, its normal. 🙂

  3. Mandii
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    Dirty in what way?
    Discharge? Actual dirt?
    Both normal in any case.
    🙂 nice name

  4. olivia
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    answer mines ppl

  5. Paulabron
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    It’s also normal for the number of days a girl has her period to vary.

  6. vishalvats
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    Riding a bike yes but not while walking unless you are talking about discharge…

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    Maybe some sweet and Norma juices unless your really horny and your juices flow more could make the panties really nice

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