Is this too much for my hospital bag for giving birth?

For baby:
Cotton balls
Nappies and nappy bags.
2 blankets – one is a crochet black and the other is a fabric one to put over my shoulder.
2 full length vests
2 short sleeve vests.
Going home outfit.
2 pairs of scratch mittens
2 pairs of socks.
A tin of formula and a bottle for if breast feeding doesn’t work.

For me:
Birth plan.
Dark colour dressing gown
2 button up night gowns – on for labour and one for after.
A towel
2 pairs of socks.
Dress and leggings to go home in.
Packet of cheap knickers in my size.
Night time sanitary pads
2 nursing bras
Breast pads
Wash bag – fragrance free body wash, fragrance free deodorant, lip balm toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and hair brush.
Baby book
Box of cereal bars
3 days worth of my vitamins, painkillers – before anyone has a fit about taking painkillers in pregnancy they are herbal and perfectly safe – and other tablets I take daily.
Mobile charger
Laptop with internet dongle – I’ve been told I’ve got to stay in at least 1 night after the baby is born. As my boyfriend won’t be around for the birth, we are hoping that we’ll be able to skype at the hospital which also give my boyfriend’s sick dad a chance to see the baby if anything was to happen to him before we can move.

Nothing is provided for me at the hospital I am giving birth at. I don’t seethe point in taking the camera because there is no one apart from me to use it as I am giving birth alone.



  1. Vasey
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    Our hospital wouldn't let us take anything in like sudocrem or cotton wool etc or formula. We had to use what they provided us with. I'd check what they provide you with. Baby clothes... I really don't think you can have enough with a newborn as they go through so many. We were in longer than we'd wanted to be so had to get some more from home. I took teddys in aswell for our little one incase she got upset on the way home to distract her but they were actually a big comfort to me after labour when she got looked after by the nurses for a bit and during labour aswell when I needed something to dig my nails into. Have you got a sponge to get sponges down with incase you get hot? Good luck with it all x
  2. Ethel
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    Ditch the formula and bottle, you won’t need them because you’re just going to nurse that baby, right?
    DO NOT bring your own medicine or vitamins with you! Hospitals do not want you taking in things that they aren’t dispensing, so leave that at home – it helps them know what you have had in case of an emergency. Really, leave that crap home or risk real trouble when your kidneys fail.

    Wow, they don’t provide towels or gowns? Then bring 4-5 towels, 10 washclothes, 4-6 gowns, two bags of night – no you want the super duper heavy duty pads that are bigger then night time pads, find some chux (disposable absorbent pads) to sit on initially.

  3. DJ and Andrew's mama
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    Ethel had some good points. I’d be awfully surprised if the hospital provides absolutely nothing though. You’ll still want to bring the camera. You can have a nurse or someone take some pictures immediately after your baby is born, and you can take pictures of your baby as you recover in the hospital.

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