Ladies, Honestly, Is Wearing A Thong All Day Really Comfortable?

I LOVE girls that wear thong underwear. I’ve always wondered though how they can function at work/school having something permanently stuck between their butt cheeks all day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sexy as hell, but sometimes just seeing one slip out gives me a wedgie sensation.

Since every girl I know wears them all the time, I’m curious to see if they are that great. I really want to know what it feels like, because it looks so sexy, but in reality it’s just a string up your butt. I’m intrigued by the idea of a comfortable wedgie. ha ha. So basically I was thinking of buying a man-thong and wearing it for a day as a fun experiment of walking in someone else’s shoes.

It’s weird I know, but I’m not gay and nobody will know I’m wearing it. I figure the worst that can happen is that I actually like them! haha. If nothing else I gain a greater appreciation for the girls that wear them. Especially since I expect women to wear thongs ALL the time, I guess it’s only fair I know what it’s like to wear them myself.

So what do you think? Should I try it or is it way too weird? On one hand I’m curious to see what it is like, but on the other hand, even I think it’s really bizarre. ha ha. And does anyone know where I can pick up a man thong. I know they exist but I have no idea where to get one.

Weird Question, I know. Just wondering if you think I should try getting in touch with my feminine side or not. hahahaha. Thanks Everyone!

(ps I’m not used to anything ever being tight on me, clothing wise, let alone going up my butt. Im a commando guy! lol)



  1. Franchesca Herbison
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    Ahahaha! Go for it bud :) I think at first it was a little weird feeling. Especially the G-string ones..cuz its like my ass is soo free and its just kinda weird only wearing a little piece of string sewed to a triangle piece of cloth. But eventually its more comfortable than regular panties. Cept at night. At night I wear boyshort ones and a t-shirt, just cuz its more comfortable to sleep in. But in jeans, thongs are deffinately more comfortable. dont have to worry about panty lines or stuff bunching up. Lol Anyywhoooo I know they sell them at this store called Spencers. Idk where you live, so you might not have one nearby. But you can usually find it in the mall. Or you can try ahaha i went there by accident once. I was trying to get to hotmail. and i switched up the t and the m. Good luck bro! hope this experiment of your's is enlightening :)
  2. Reyjonell Miel
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    Of course its comfy as long as is a better one,

  3. Purpleness
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    You scare me.

  4. hannah
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    I think thongs are wonderful! So comfy. But for a man? Idk…..
    Some things that happen to me are that the thong moves around and I get a slightly uncomfortable front wedgie hahah. So I could only imagine how uncomfortable it would be for a man to have his balls separated. My suggestion? Put one on and youll know right away if its comfortable for you or not.

  5. Toe-Toe
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    its super weird at first, but you get so used to it that its comfy.
    idk where you could get one, i guess just order online, none of your friends could see you that way lol

  6. *10.12.09♥
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    im not reading all that but yes it is comfortable. i don’t understnd why people say its not. its not like having a wedgy or anything lol

  7. Ashlie
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    They’re perfectly comfortable. And what’s so bizarre about you putting on some clothing? All the gender roles imposed by society are preposterous. Just be yourself. If you have a feminine side, embrace it, because it’s just as much a part of you as the masculine side.

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