Ladies some skinny jeans & panty advise?

Ok well I’m 15 and I’m beginning to crossdress but whatever. I wanna do it mostly at home but I do wear skinny alot and hate boxers and guy underwear when wear skinnies! So is it ok to wear panties with my skinny jeans in public or to go hang with friends? What type is best to wear with them like thongs or boyshorts or cheekies or whatever else? What shows least or not at all. Do they show lines? Girls some advise you could tell me I would live and appreciate cause I don’t know anything!(:



  1. h
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    Well, a thong would be your best bet for completely avoiding panty lines. However, thongs are not the most comfortable thing to wear if you aren't used to them, especially with jeans. Another option would be to look for underwear in whatever style is comfortable for you, but try to get seamless styles. There are many types of underwear that are designed for the specific purpose of eliminating panty lines. They have flat seams or no seams instead of raised seams. If you're wearing something really tight (like leggings) they will still show a bit, but with jeans, even tight ones, you should be okay. I hope this helps you!
  2. Yalith
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    honestly I would wear a g-string with skinny pants, but you should just wear what makes you most comfortable (without showing panty lines of course!) Good luck!

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