My husband uses my used panties to keep the light out when he sleeps?

My husband likes to put my used panties on his head and sleep at night?
He says that I smell delicious and he uses it to keep any light out? At first I didn’t mind but it has started to disturb me because he often takes naps at the office and has started taking my panties with him. Is there any explanation for his behavior?


  1. Brian T
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    it must have to do the the scent you leave in the panties, I'm assuming you've already worn them? The smell reminds him of having sex with you, which apparently puts him to sleep.
  2. Island*Chica
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    He’s a sicko, plain and simple.

  3. Ceiling cat Atheist - ID10T
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    Just be thankful that he’s not using his secretary’s panties for his work naps.

    It’s entirely normal. Every guy does it even though most won’t admit it. Kind of like fundamentalist christians and homosexuality…

    The major problem here is that yours tend to the lacy and don’t really block much light. You might want to consider more sensible underwear.

  4. rustyreefquicksilver
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    damn what kinda panties 🙂

  5. David
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    its a fetish. you can only talk to him about it. taking that outside the bedroom isn’t healthy, but at least it’s you turning him on.

  6. Metal Head
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    Your husband wants to be a woman. If it was just around the house, that would be one thing, but taking them to the office shows that he wants to live as a woman in public.

  7. xahratitay
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    haha sweet!

  8. iLikeBoys
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  9. al-in-chgo
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    Your husband isn’t a perv but he has developed a fetish for your used panties.

    Talk gently to your husband and point out the difficulties that could arise in the future by catering to the fetish. If common sense and logic don’t work, you’ve got to consider whether to let it go, talk to him again, or engage the services of a doctor or psychologist.

  10. Stephen K
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    He is a panty fetishist

  11. ROFLCOPTER Amber
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    That is TOTALLY normal, haven’t you been reading the daily paper?

  12. The Good Eartha
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    he sounds like a real pervert….lucky YooHoo!!!

  13. Satan
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    Well, if it’s enough to knock him out…..Summer’s Eve™ can fix that.

  14. catchmeifucan
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    i hope he doesn’t get canned at his job, if somebody were to suddenly walk in & catch him cat-napping!

  15. R&S OZzy the 2nd Coming
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    I smell delicious


  16. vince1234
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    he likes the way your pussy smells, i’m certain that it smells great, i like to have a pair of your used panties to sleep with

  17. PropReno
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    That SICK! SICK behavior!

    *grabs panties off of own head*

    The man is obviously deranged and needs help..

  18. Admiral 1eye
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    Aye, don’t ye recognize this lacy cloth on me head? ARGG! I won it playin’ liar’s dice!

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