New poll girls! How many panties (all types) and bras do you have?

I was cleaning up my bedroom for the new year and I realized I had 3 drawers full of underwear (panties, thongs, etc.. ) and 1 drawer full of bras. I was wondering how many panties and bras you girls have.

I lost patience in counting them all but from what I have counted, I must be around 300 panties (including thongs and others) or more and about 100 bras.

This may sound like a lot but it’s such a pleasure to do lingerie shopping and I keep buying new ones without throwing out older ones.
THey are so cute too!!

You think it’s not normal? Let hear about you girls


  1. Dana M
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    I've got about 30 panties, but no bras.
  2. ♥♥K♥♥T♥♥
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    not normal. i must have even more than you. i have an entire dresser for them. and i have all the types i think there are. lol your fine. its good to indulge in somethings at times

  3. Sami
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    I have a countless number of thongs (that’s all I wear) and about 2-3 pairs of boy shorts. I have 4 bras

  4. robynliveshere
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    i have like 50 pairs of panties and 3 bras lol.

    i dont have enought money to pay for 50$ bras at victoria secret

  5. Cayytayy<3sYuu!
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    Haha! I have probably about 100 pair of panties and only about 10 bras.
    I’ve never seen anyone with quite a collection of bras, but I’m pretty young (14).

  6. Caiza
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    omg yes I have ALOT of bras,and underwear and like corsets,garters and camisoles and all this stuff.I think it’s pretty normal lingerie shopping is fun.haha and you feel pretty when you wear them!I haven’t counted all my lingerie items and stuff but I probably have a little bit more that you haha but i have wwwaaayyyyyyyy more bra’s i can tell you that.

  7. kenyaownsyou
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    I would love to have that many panties and bras lol. I’m getting an order from VS on Friday with 3 new bras and about 8 new panties so I’m excited ^_^. But I have about 15 bras and probably around 40-50 panties? It’s fun shopping for that kind of stuff :]

  8. Allie A
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    umm. IDEA….
    clear out a drawer or a tub or something
    and everytime you wear one but it in that tub and the ones you dont wear get rid of

  9. Shannon!
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    Who counts their underwear? That alone is abnormal. I have three drawers and they are full with T-shirts, socks, and underwear.

  10. bella.hilton
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    I probably have like 20 panties and 3 bras. Haha but I’m not that old so I guess that would be why ;]

  11. kaluab09
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    it does sound like alot, but its so hard to choose and you need a variety! I have about 40 bras, same bra just different color or pattern, and about 100 thongs/booty shorts, i dont wear panties they bug me

  12. Ailani
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    i guess it is.
    I got 6 bras & 26 undies .

  13. tiffany
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    i have like 20 panties and 5 bras.

  14. jonasxloveexab
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    booty shorts, cheekies, boy fit, lace ;), and regular ones, and more haha. and just regular bras

  15. Coralie A
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    um…yes I would say that’s normal for a girl to have that many panties and bras. I guess I am biased coz i have a ton of underwear myself.:)))

    I haven’t counted them all and I don’t think I have as many bras as you do but I know my first three drawers are full of panties and thongs and all these super cute little things that we girls love!!!

    I am 24. All my money (or part of it at least) goes into buying new lingerie. It’s such a sin and a pleasure!!

  16. Maisha
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    I have a draw full of a mess of bras and underwear.

  17. lOvE♥
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    I have about 5 thongs,15 bikini briefs and 4 bras

  18. cd_braun
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    I have about 24 pairs of panties, all high cut briefs, in all types of fabric. A few solid colors, but mostly prints.

  19. Alie N
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    I never really counted mine until today. lol


    304 panties of all kinds. Mostly bikinis though with the occasional thong here and there. Lycra microfiber in most cases.

    98 bras. All colors, patterns and material.

    I know it sounds like a lot but it really doesn’t look like it. All my panties fit into 3 drawers and my bras in 1 drawer.

    That does not include my 105 bikinis and 45 one-piece swimsuits though. I live near the beach and I always buy swimsuits (on sale) without throwing out old ones. Same for my underwear (when they are on sale) and it’s been quite a few years now.
    Happy new year.

  20. marchini =)
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    hahahah… one sec lemme go count.. =P

    okay, i have 7 bras and …. only 21 panties hahaha. wow. you have a LOT hahahaha

  21. Ferick
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    you go girl!

  22. Super-Genius Super Star
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    You’re my hero for posting this. Please, more sexy underwear talk for the fellas!

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