Okay so me and my boyfriend are going to have sex this week for the first time. I’m still a virgin. Help me!!!?

Okay so i’m a virgin, and i have plans to make love this week for the first time ever with my boyfriend, who i’ve known for a pretty long time. since i’m a Virgin, i don’t know what to do! he booked us a room in the 4 seasons, and we’ll go there, to spend 4 days. every night, we want to have some serious sex actions going on, since we’re both virgins, and we want to give up on our virginity on each other, since we’re madly in love. we’ve gone through all the 3 bases so far, and ae ready for the fourth. non virgins, i really need your help here! what kind of underwear should i pack? my sexy silk ones? lace ones? see-through ones? saggy ones? i mean i really love him, and when we make love i want to look my best, but not as if i’ve overdone myself… he told me he bought a big box of condoms… also, will it hurt? will i bleed? will we make the sheets too dirty from our bodies? these are the kinds of questions i need you boys and girl non virgins to answer for me… im really worried about if he’ll think i’m sexy enough, or that i can make love properly… so um… how exactly DO you have sex? should i make the first move? what is mouthing? i mean i’ve squeezed his dick before, and he’s squeezed my breasts, but i’ve never seen him naked, and he never saw me naked… when we have sex, do i put my body on his, or the other way around? please help me guys… i really want to be at my best for him… he may be the ONE…


  1. Kayla
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    I think you should pack your silk panties, lace panties, and see through panties.. keep the saggy ones at home. Guys love it when you have sexy bra, and panties. Wear some sexy clothing as well... possibly showing some cleavage.. but not to skimpy. You want to look really sexy not really slutty. When I lost my virginity I was young, (I'm almost 18 now) It didn't hurt, or feel good, it actually felt uncomfortable to me. I was on my period when I lost my virginity so of course I was bleeding. But when you lose your virginity you should not bleed only a little bit when he pops your cherry but not serious bleeding, if you do you need to get help right away. You won't make the sheets dirty from your bodies unless your really nasty people with poor hygiene, if not then you have nothing to worry about. You need to just relax, and just keep an open mind don't worry so much about the little things like if it will hurt or what you should do. Don't get yourself all worked up about it. You should maybe go online and browse a bit about losing your virginity and your questions should be answered then, or ask someone who is experienced about it, like your mom or a close friend or something. I hope that my advice helped you out. Good luck =}
  2. Justin1241
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    poor room service….

  3. preiti k
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    Ummmm Don’t do it

  4. hihello4435
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    by your questions it seems you are not ready

  5. VICKYbaby. xo
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    If you have to ask US for sex advice, you aren’t ready. I mean jesus, you don’t even know HOW TO HAVE SEX and yet you’re planning to have it in less than a week?! WISE UP. It’s just not gonna happen. Have you even had sex education at school yet? You don’t SOUND like you’re 16.

  6. Bunny D.
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    Newbie on Y/A today. Why would I not know. Cheers.

  7. You Are Dumb
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    ok..i suppose you guys are old enough since youve booked a room in 4 season…damn

    I’d suggest keeping the cute little cotton panties.

    I’d be turned off if I see a virgin wearing thong, like wtf, are you that wild and horny??!

  8. t-bull cheer
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    ok first chill out…

    wear really sexy lingerie and start watching a movie and kissing.. feeling around then undress. then let him go on top and spread wide.. if you know what i mean and relax and go for it

  9. Ashley W
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    i don’t think you should have planned it…it doesn’t seem like you’re ready, and as a “non-virgin” i would say don’t do it. let it happen when the time is right, it will be more beautiful…if it’s planned like you’re supposedly planning it…anticipation and anxiety might kick in and make things awkward…

  10. hichem8250
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    sorry, im virgin too

  11. Katie R
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    errrrr…….. if you only know that.. then perhaps you should wait….

  12. hisbaby!
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    underwear, cute thongs, silk, see through, they’re all sexy! 😀
    it most likely will hurt for you, and you might bleed
    its not a for sure thing, it differs with girls
    it did hurt for me, but i didnt bleed
    after the first 2-4 minutes it will be amazing!
    be very lubricated, go slow, and gentle till it doesnt anymore

    start by making out, things will go from there
    he usually makes the first move, and just let it happen
    it kinda comes naturally, dont worry about it
    if your in love he will think your sexy no matter what
    positions dont matter
    if he wants you on top and you dont care, do it that way
    ask him what he wants to do, and agree on a position
    i would recommend him on top the first time tho
    it will hurt more if your on top..

    good luck! 😀

  13. throughstruggleurwithme
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    Well honey, yes it is going to hurt, but dont stop him, just let him stretch you out the first time, it might hurt the time after that. Don’t be surprised if he’s finished quick the first time he is a virgin. Wear something sexy, or ask him what he thinks. Do ALOT of foreplay first, get comfortable seeing him naked and play with his parts and let him play with yours. Do that before even having sex. You can be on top or he can, whatever you guys are comfortable with. Make sure to use protection, number one thing there.
    Yes I have sex, start off with kissing, with either him on top or you, than start removing clothing, than touching places till you guys think its time to actually go foward with having sexual intercourse. Some girls bleed some don’t. If you do, just change the sheets or put something under you, and shower after everytime you guys have sex.

    Good Luck.

  14. Isabel D
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    whoaah youre sad.
    i suggest not asking a bunch of randoms on yahoo.

  15. alftina
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    okay so its seems as if alot of ppl werent interested in answering your question so i will i’m a girl age i dont want to say but i’ve had sex only 3 times so far and let me tell u if he loves u he shouldnt care plus by the time ur in the room together he wont even be paying attention to wat ur wearing but wear maybe somtime that matches lace is hot well it all depends on his taste just promise u wont wear saggy ;] lol…….ummm yeha it does hurt well for me alot but if ur into sports it might hurt less. and yeha u bleed after though it depends on the person if alot or alittle…..
    start off wit kissing and if u like to take control get on top of him if u like to be dominated let him do the work dont be scared or nervous ummm have fun with it moan even when its not needed it’ll get the mood going and it’ll get u more comfertable and most of all have a bomb as time wit u too wish u guys the best of luck!!!!! ;]

  16. sarahbabees
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    honestly. sex is supposed to just happen. i mean okay, you’ve booked a room. but i mean you are asking how to have sex.
    this isn’t a wedding. wait till the time is right. then it wont be so awkard.

    p.s. you will bleed (if your hymen hasnt broken yet) nd since your a virgin. yer it will hurt.

  17. Reece311
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    i’m gonna have to kind of agree with the last chick you don’t sound like your being very mature with the whole situation. You are asking the internet for help and your not going to get a lot of help there. How about asking somebody you know and trust like a parent, teacher, or somebody that is older and has some life experience. And YES it will hurt you but i think you sound like your too young to be doing that or maybe your just really immature asking questions like that. You really should be asking your parents what they think of what your going to do. Losing your virginity should be something special and not something thats planned out with silky underwear and a box of condoms and a rented hotel room.

  18. -temtem-
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    dont go for anything so extreme 🙂

    anyway if you’re worried you might run out of ideas in that 4 days (>_<) (geezz -lucky girl -lol) buy a kamasutra with lots pictures so you'll have fun choose what to do. just dont expect too much the 1st time have fun

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