panty’s with panyhose?

just wondering what women do when wearing you wear panty’s with them or not



  1. phguy34
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    They're called 'panty' hose cuz they have the panties built in, so 'no' you should not wear panties with them! My wife used to, till I asked her to try without, now she never wears panties :)
  2. BabeHeart
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    They are called “panty” hose because you don’t need to wear panties with them…many even have a cotton crotch built in.

    No..on the rare occasions I wear hose, I don’t wear anything under them. That just makes them more uncomfortable to wear, and more of a hassle to get up and down.

  3. EndlessLover
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    They say you don’t have to and some say you shouldn’t do to moisture issues….

    Well, I wear panties under my pantyhose. I like the feeling of my bum being all snugged up. Kinda like having a gentle stretchy hand squeezing me all day. heheeheeee

    Seriously, I wear crotchless pantyhose so I don’t have to peel them down when I need to visit the ladies room. Just whip down the tangas, do my job and back to the party.



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