Potty training issues?

i have a 3 year old daughter that has no problem going to the bathroom to pee but everyday she poops in her panties. she knows it is bad because she hides when she has to poop, when i put her on the toilet she will not go. i have tried making her stay in her panties for about 15 minutes when they are dirty, making her stand in the corner, making her clean her dirty panties, and putting her back in diapers. nothing has worked. any ideas on how to make this stop? please let me know.



  1. Ashley L
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    First, I would try positive reinforcement. Find a little something that would motivate her to go on the potty. Perhaps a few m&ms or a sticker. Praise her and present her with her reward when she goes on the potty. When she poops in her pants, ignore her. Make her come to you to tell you she pooped. Then without getting mad, take her to help clean herself up. If that doesn't work then (again, without getting mad) take away one of her toys each time she has an accident. Set it aside in a box she can't get to. Then, each time she poops on the potty, allow her to choose a toy she can have back. Before you implement a new method, make sure you explain it to her so that she understands what will happen when she poops in her pants and when she poops in the potty.

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