question on guys wearing panties?

(1) girls, do you think this is sexy
(2) would you buy panties with your bf
(3) would you let him get rid of his boxers and wear panties all the time if he wanted
(4) have you ever known a guy to wear panties all the time or most of the time

I find panties very comfortable, cute, and fun to wear. just wondering.



  1. nagol014
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    I am an 18 year old straight crossdresser. 80% of crossdressers are straight, just fyi. you are not gay. panties are very comfortable, and rumors that it will lower your sperm count is not true. it doesnt effect anything! all crossdressers i know are straight and do it for comfort and to feel a little sexier. Just do what you find comfortable! Don't listen to people who insult you and call you names. They judge you because they are not comfortable with themselves. You are a normal human. you want to experiment! thats normal for humans to want that. Just do what you are comfortable with, and you will find an accepting non judgemental girl out there somewhere. i did =). Hope i helped you out. Feel free to contact me.
  2. Fly Guy
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    ummm ok thats just weird, im a guy i never even considered ever doing that, i think u have some issues that need 2 be worked out lol

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