seeing panties under white shorts?

I have a really cute pair of white shorts, but you can see my bikini undies under it. (yeah, I am a guy and I wear bikini type panties).

I have a really cute pair of leopard print panties.

But you can see them. But I love the white shorts and the bikini panties.

Should I try a thong instead or just deal with it.



  1. Joshua
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    You are entitled to wear anything you want and if other people see them I really wouldn't be concerned about it. However, if you are concerned you can always wear white panties with your white shorts. It would be a wonderful compliment to each other and look very sexy and nice.
  2. Ema
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    You should just wear white panties if you have them or a neutral tone like your skin color. If you have to wear the cute panties with the cute shorts, then just go out and be proud.

  3. esmerelda
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    If you want to be the object of ridicule, wear the white shorts over your spotted undies. I warn you, it will look like you have a really nasty rash all over your groin and butt.

    Or get some white underwear or a thong. Honestly, kid, this is the silliest 1st-world problem I’ve seen all year.

    If you get a thong, stick with white or nude, or it’ll be the same thing all over again. Eschew tiger stripes.

  4. Mark
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    Then don’t wear white pants if you don’t like your coloured underwear to be seen. QED. (Who wears white pants anyway, other than old ladies, people in the Navy, and marching bands? Even nurses don’t any more.)

  5. jerry
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    I also like wearing panties. I would suggest wearing a light colored thong (tan or white). It’s the best way to hide panty lines.

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