The concept of dreamwalking?

  The process of Dreamwalking is the concept of walking dreams to make control and understanding of other people of ability, easily, or to get places. This process uses focus and astral plane projection. To make this process work just focus on the idea of projecting your mind into the astral plane with a purpose. Then, feel a shift happen to you to the dream plane, by feeling a lighthearted feeling or happy thought of what you will achieve while focusing on the ‘being there’ in the astral dream plane. Now let your mind rove through peoples thoughts and dreams as it needs to with your direction of desire, need and thought.

Basically to enter peoples dreams and you have to be in a lucid dream state as well from what I’ve read. Is this even possible? I just found out lucid dreaming is very common to be dreaming an be aware that you are dreaming. But this dream walking thing ice never heard of. I have heard of two people sharing the same dream and then waking up and telling each other about it, is that even possible? The whole dream walking thing?

And I’m not talking about sleepwalking I’m talking about dreamwalking it’s a completely different concept.



  1. Zia Lucia
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    No, of course it is not possible. The idea of Dream Walking has been made popular by websites and blogs, and the ability of charlatans to dupe foolish people into paying money to buy their books. Remember, anybody can write anything on the Internet. That does not mean what they say is true. Lucid dreaming is not "very common." Although many people occasionally experience something similar to lucid dreaming, relatively few individuals actually are able to have lucid dreams whenever they want to have them. Similarly, many people believe that they shared a dream with a loved one, but on closer examination, very few of these turn out to be authentic. For example, two people might find that they both had a dream about a dog on the same night. But one might have dreamt of a black dog in a forest while the other dreamt about a white chihuahua drinking in a pub. They did not "share the same dream" after all. As far as the ability to enter into another person's mind while they are dreaming, well, just think about that for a moment. If that were true, how would the CIA, MI5 and the FBI use such abilities? What would that mean for corporate espionage or for that matter, stock market trading and marketing schemes? No, such ideas are wishful thinking. This is not a road to wisdom but to wearing lead-lined helmets and putting aluminum foil in your knickers.

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