Urgent…. son needs a parachute for his action man…. any fat birds got any spare knickers they don’t want.




  1. jamie m
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    Would a pair of well used long johns suffice?.
  2. Dan the Man
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    HA HA HA brilliant loving the question

  3. tucksie
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    My ex had a pair on the washing line but some gypsies stole them to use as a tent. I’m not saying she had a fat @rse but it did have its own zip code.

  4. websage
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    But surely such women only wear things these days … no good for action man at all.

    I may have some slightly soiled ones from yesteryear – if your son doesn’t mind the brown and red stripes (from my wrong time of the month collection)

  5. laurence c
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    fat birds dont fly

  6. frog
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    Write to Dawn French – you’ll be able to make a reserve ‘chute as well with hers.

  7. saggy balls
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    you can borrow me M&S Y fronts

  8. red lady-bird
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    Good question to cheer us up on this rainy old day. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. sticky
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    lol what a cheeky question! lol ha ha ha love the question but the fat birds might not… mine will be no use to you very little fabric lol ….lol… like many of us …..?

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