Were can I get free pantyhose?

I would like to know if anyone knows were I can find free or know were i can get cheap pantyhose, if free, i don’t care if used. If cheap, please tell me were.



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    Try thrift stores and flea markets. When a small boutique is going out of business, go in and ask for pantyhose. Even if they stopped selling hosiery years ago, they might have a small box of pantyhose that they forgot about. If you find yourself in mom & pop convenience stores, check them for cheap "emergency" pantyhose that sometimes sell for 99 cents. Hit the garage sales, and look very thoroughly at the boxes containing anything remotely resembling intimate apparel. People tend to shove everything together. Often socks, panties, pantyhose, tights, leggings, bras, and even casual tops and shorts are all plopped together into a single box. If they have any pantyhose, you might have to dig for them. If they have a pair or two (still in the package), sitting out in plain sight, ask them if they have more. Be sure to tell them that you'll accept used pantyhose. Very often the ladies of the house simply don't think of pantyhose as a salable item for a garage sale. Show your interest and sometimes the mother or daughter will go back into the house. They'll return with a pile of pantyhose and tights that they don't wear anymore and completely forgot about. They'll be holding a sudden & hitherto unknown cash cow, and you'll have a good shot at an even lower price. Ask them "How much for the whole box?" and get yourself REAL bargain!
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    I have a couple pairs that have runs in them dirty ones actually lol

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