What do you think of girls wearing sexy lingerie?

I started wearing sexy lingerie when i was 14 (not for anyone else, just for me), because i really love the style of it and i love the elegance and i have always loved dressing ladylike and i adore lingerie. I normally wear all different styles, even suspenders, stockings, garters, basques,corsets etc but everyone my age wears ‘casual’ (as i like to call it) underwear or those girl boxers which i can’t stand. Plus my friends keeps asking my why i wear it and if i do it too look sexy which i find very irritating. We do sports together and when we go to school we get changed in the same changing room, and they keeps telling me that they find it uncomfortable. Even other girls tell me i have loads of confidence for wearing them and one girl said she would like to wear something like it but without the suspenders and stocking but she said she would feel embarassed if anyone knew and what the guys would say. One girl even asked me if she could use my knickers and suspenders for a date with her bf, so i asked her why doesn’t she just buy her own but she said that she wouldn’t want anyone to know she bought it. What do people think of girls who wear sexy lingerie? Is there an age where it is deemed acceptable?



  1. The Stylish One
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    I started wearing it around your age as well. It was actually acceptable for me to wear it as many of my fellow cheerleaders also wore it.
  2. the dude
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    I’m a 14 year old guy, and I think that personally, its pretty hot lol. When I have kids I’m not gonna want my daughter to be wearing it tho lol

  3. olive
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    I’m a girl and I’m bi but I think its sexy as f*ck, I wear it too.

  4. gummyd
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    it’s fucking hot of course
    anyways, just wait. in college, id say more than 3/4 girls own sexy lingerie (mostly victorias secret egh) based on what i’ve seen in the laundry room
    idk how old you are now but obviously not old enough
    when girls grow up
    theyll find the great use for sexy lingerie 🙂

  5. Trachelle
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    It kinda depends how old you are
    If your around 16 its just trying to hard

  6. M E
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    Ehh maybe you try to wearing the normal underwear some days when you have to change in front of others, unless you are comfortable and it’s your style. But, they might think something of you like you are promiscuous or that it is ridiculous a high school girl just goes around wearing sex underwear, that you are trying to be something you’re not.
    Personally I do not feel comfortable wearing that kind of thing

  7. Cathy
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    omg, what were they thinking. Lingerie is hotttttt! I love to wear them too. Dont listen to your friends. Believe me, in 2-4 years, they will start wearing it lol

  8. Pat MaCrotch
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