What percentage of ladies do not wear panties?

I know that some ladies do not wear panties. In order to have an accurate percentage of those that do not, it would be necessary for me to examine hundreds of ladies. Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure to do so.



  1. Nascar
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    Count me in as a panty wearer. I wear them everyday and the thought of going without panties is strange to me.
  2. 2 Much Down Time @WORK
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    Well we all know the Brit Brit doesn’t. Do you really need to know how many more………..


  3. Nicole
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    ewww why do you want to know are you a man or a woman.

  4. crazy_chic_xxx
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    1% of the female population do not wear panties

  5. indian tigress
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    …i won’t ask how this question was thought up…but i’ll make an estimate of about….

    2.5%(plus or minus .75%) (‘_’)

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