what would be best way to payback a cheater?

I found a pair of dirty panties in my bf Michael’s room. They were NOT mine. I just left, he sent me w text saying the underwear are his he has a fetish to wear girls stuff. I told him to piss off then my girl Jamie said she seen this is maxim magazine before. The girl in the story turned it totally around on him and used the guys so called fetish to totally humiliate him before dumping him.

Now I iknow he cheated he has 4 times before not anymore I’m done. What I’ve done is told him his dressing up like a girl turns me on. He has agreed to dress up for me. What I wanna know is what should I get this pig to wear? I Need links to outfits as I’m going to be spending his next check buying him a new girly wardrobe. What are some evil things to try to get him to do while in drag? How far should I try to take this? Would it be funny to get him video taped as a girl?

I really want some input from fellow women that have been cheated on so this prick can feel all our wrath. Get him girls! Best answer gets 5 star.

P.S. I know revenge is not the best answer etc and I am gonna break up I just want him to be humbled and to have pictures to show all his future girls he will cheat on. He will either have to continue living his drag lie or fess up to the new girl he cheated and got put in his place.

Winning link gets 10 points and a picture to see their work 🙂

I’ve tried the don’t waste your time method etc. I want revenge if your not gonna answer the question save yourself the time and answer someone else’s question.



  1. trytobewisebeforedemise
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    The best payback would be to move on. nothing worse than feeling unwanted, especially when it is deserved. Just live for yourself. being happy without him is the ultimate gift for yourself as well as something to show him he doesn't matter, he couldn't give you that happiness.
  2. Cece
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    hide a camera in his/your room buy him some sexy lingerie and make him do the single ladies for you post it on YouTube…. sweet revenge

  3. Jenna
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    You go girl! And I think you should buy him that sexy red lingerie they have at walmart. And like a matching bra but stuff it with something like 2 gel icepacks or something. And some heels or white boots and what would make it better would be like a asain cut wig.
    or even a pink playboy bunny outfit with some fishnet stockings and white boots
    or you could get some daisy dukes and a half cut plaid shirt and make like a cowgirls outfit. Im just making this up off the top of my head but yeah.

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