what will eventually happen to my carpet if my wife keeps shitting on the floor?

My wife likes to shit on the floor of our new apartment.. She shit 3 times everyday for now 4 days.. I tried to clean it up as much as possible.. I am planning on deep cleaning in about few days. I remember, my friend’s apartment carpets when her dog was shitting everywhere. Not much smell but I remember there were small little tiny white warms growing in the spots where the dog shat.. ( gross!) Will this eventually happen to my carpet??



  1. Proudmommy
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    She's going to have accidents. *Buy a nice new sippy cup, put her on the potty every 30 minutes, offer the new sippy cup with water. Read books, talk, make up stories, play with toilet paper rolls. I let my mother watch her favorite show on a laptop while she was on the toilet. *Only let her wear panties, wearing a diaper or pullup is too confusing for them *Be persistent and consistent! Stay home for a few days, don't go anywhere if thats possible *If she has an accident, gently show her the mess. And tell her it should only happen on the toilet/potty *Give her ALOT of praise if she 'goes' hugs and high 5's *Put her on the potty before bed and right when she wakes up (or wake her up 30 minutes before her usual wake up time and put her on the potty) *Keep reminding her every few minutes not to shit on the carpet, only on the potty. Good luck if you have any questions feel free to ask me
  2. Mike
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    Remove the carpet…

  3. G and D's Mommy
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    ok, not to put your friend down, but I grew up with dogs and when they are puppies they peed on the floor a lot. I have never in my life seen any worms where the dogs peed! Some papertowels and spot shot go a long way. I would hate to see the rest of her house.

    Anyway, it wont do anything to your carpet as long as you clean it up. My daughter has had a few accidents and I immediately soaked it up then cleaned it with oxyclean and hot water.

  4. **Serenity**
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    Well don’t get mad at her or handle her accidents in the same way as that dog! What helped w my guy was putting back on his diaper when he had an accident. Experts say don’t use diapers or pull-ups once they have started training b/c it confuses them. However, from personal experience it did work. My guy did not want the diaper on and once he connected the fact that he would return to “baby diapers” when he had accidents , he stopped. It has only been a month and if he has an accident it is usually on the floor of the bathroom when he couldn’t make it in time, but not the carpet.
    P.S.- baking soda works really well at the pee pee odor!

  5. Amber
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    I suggest you get new carpeting done, because more bug infestations will come if you don’t do anything about it. If you don’t want to get new carpet, you may want to call an exterminator to deal with the white worms or whatever. As far as cleaning the carpet, try Clorox or OxyClean.

  6. Moojoo
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    As long as you clean up the messes quickly and thoroughly, nothing horrible will happen to your carpet.

    Whenever either of my kids had an accident, I soaked up as much of it as I could, then covered the spot with baking soda. Leave that for a few hours (it’ll soak some more dampness out of the carpet, as well as any smell), and then sweep/scrape up what you can, and vacuum thoroughly. There will indeed be a little baking soda left in your carpet, but it’ll all come out once you do a deep cleaning. Heck, it might all come out when you vacuum, if you have a better vacuum then the piece of crap I had.

    I like using baking soda better than other things because it’s food. It’s not going to hurt anyone unless they have really super sensitive skin and walk over that spot with bare feet many times.

  7. Alexa
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    Well yeah just deep clean and don’t scold her! She has to leran through experience that she is capable of recognizing her shit come out and that she can hold it to go to the potty just takes time and practice. I wouldn’t throw the undies out or threaten her with that, after all, she just started and that’s expecting too much from her right now, it doesn’t happen overnight. Just talk in a nice voice when she does it and explain to her what happened, after all, she’s just getting use to realizing she has an anus and can learn to have control over it. Say like “oh wow. You shit! See know that you don’t have diapies on anymore this is what happens. It doesn’t feel very good does it? So what we do, when we feel we have to pee or start to pee, run to the pottyjust like daddy does! If you shit in it I will be so happy and you will get a sticker/candy.” and keep positively encouragin her, cause if you scold her repeatedly, it’s only going to drive her away and associate bad feelings with going shit and make it worse. I suggest taking her every hr or so and leaving some potty books by the potty for her. I also use to just have her go naked sometimes to make it easier and lay a towel down where she would sit . If you clean the shit up right away it shouldn’t really be a problem. oxyclean, or ammonia, laundry detergeant work great for stains and odor. I also suggest to eventually once she starts getting it to start having her help clean up the messes she makes to make her be responsible for it and therefore motivating her more to try to not pee on the carpet cause she won’t want to always be cleaning it up.

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