Why do dogs like to lick dirty panties?

Whenever I leave dirty panties on the bathroom floor before my shower, in the laundry basket, etc, my dog always takes them and will start licking them in the crotch. I have had other dogs do the same thing, but they don’t seem to care about men’s boxers. Why is this? What do they like so much about the panties?


  1. LISA Y
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    that is sooo gross. my moms dog she had years ago would chew the crotch right out of the panties!!! yuck. i have no idea why they do this, just best not to leave your panties on the floor!!
  2. thoven1190
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    Same reason they smell our crotches I guess…….

  3. ღ♥ღLaurieღ♥ღ(my nickname from my grandparents)
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    Not sure /
    why do U ask?

  4. Stephanie Loves Sam
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    because u need to pick them up and put them in the laundry room and close the door. also y is ur dog in the bathroom while u r taking a shower

  5. R.I.P. Robert Jordan
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    Because your female ‘scent’ is in the panties. My dog does the same thing.

  6. Kiss Me Deadly
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    I can’t believe I still get 2 points every time I answer this question, but here it is:

    Because the nastier something smells, the more a dog loves it!

  7. ChaCha
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    weird question!

  8. Ben
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    Because its in heat

  9. k9
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    Your question is in bad taste. < no pun intended >

    Beyond crass.

  10. Adriana p
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    dogs just like to do that!

  11. Mr. Cotton
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    .same reason why guys like to sniff them, fragrance, pheromones, animal instinct…all that jazz

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