Why do Pro Wrestlers where Panties?

Like Hulk Hogan Randy Orton Rick Flair and CM Punk why they have to where panties with they booty cheeks hangin out, Thats Gay



  1. Shadam
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    those arnt panties mma fighters wear those too. ya idk i dont wear tight mma shorts myself and ive actually thought about doing pro wrestling for money and id wear jeans cause its pro wrestling and you can do that. also gay people do like watching sports so idk maybe they wear to appeal to gay people
  2. DJ Roy
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    It is known as wrestling tides.

  3. April Jeanette #1
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    why do you spell wear* wrong?
    why do you spell Ric* Flair wrong?
    why do you say with they, instead of with their?
    why do you not know what gay means?
    gay – lighthearted, ie. carefree
    and lastly, why do you not know what booty cheeks mean?
    Booty Cheeks – important talk to get goods stolen from the war back.
    OR when someone smiles their cheeks look like a butt

  4. Best In The World!
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    It’s not gay.

  5. Braden Walker
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    Because it’s fake and qu eer.

  6. Maniac Midget
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    You’re gay for thinking about it that way.

  7. khole12
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    I wear a bathing suit some wrestlers were surf shorts or trunks

  8. Scrount
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    I bet you think they hump eachother too and you’re worried about what they are wearing? No but seriously get a life…

  9. J
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    So you`re noticing their `booty cheeks`, yet calling all of the fans gay? If you`re gonna try to insult us, maybe learn the english language first.

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